Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh - On this day 6 years ago, My Mother and I made the worst joint decision of our call Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh!

On this day 6 years ago, December 24, 2011, my Mother and I made the worst joint decision of our call Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh to assess the second sewage backup that occurred in our basement within a week of moving into our new home; however, at this particular moment in time, we did not realize what was about to happen to us: Mr. Rooter failed to install at least 4 feet of the contracted length of pipe according to the third contract, which resulted in personal property damage and damage to our home; Mr. Rooter failed to respond to requests by both my Mother and I this year to evaluate/repair the section of the sewer line they replaced, which was covered by their "lifetime excavation warranty" by sending them a video showing them it was loose; and so much more....

Ultimately, they caused more damage to us personally and to our home than the amount of all three contracts combined, which was more than $20,000, with the experience and research documented here and on my blog....

My Personal Experience & Interactions With Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh/Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh/Mr. Rooter of Cranberry ....

Facebook Photos Depicting Various Stages Of Work Performed By Mr. Rooter Of Pittsburgh That Supporting My Position

Facebook Videos Depicting Various Stages Of Work Performed By Mr. Rooter Of Pittsburgh That Supporting My Position


YouTube Video Of A1 Sewer Inspection That Shows Mr. Rooter Stopped 6 Feet From The Main & Not 2 Feet Or Less According To Their Contract Located Here & On Facebook

YouTube Video Of Myself Taking A video That Was Sent To Mr. Rooter Of Pittsburgh & Ignored Regarding The Loose Housetrap That Was Part Of Mr. Rooter's "Lifetime Excavation Warranty"

This has been an ongoing 6 year nightmare for both my Mother and I; however, the real problem here is that our experience is not unique and isolated....Online reviews contain other customers and their family members complaining about the same exact situations (some of them have been deleted of course or hidden) - some online accounts are appear even worse ....

Over the past 6 years, Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, on its own, privately and publicly told me that they were willing to speak with me to come to a resolution three times--a sea of broken promises: Once via email in October of 2012, Once via Rip Off Report around February of 2013 after they were upset that I reported them to Angie's List for posting an award that they didn't win, and then again on my Facebook Page on a video I posted where one of their employees had left me a message as Rooter Champion in response to the message I thought I was sending Mr. Rooter LLC to warn them that the owner was running the same business and taking Mr. Rooter Leads for Rooter Champion that I posted around March of 2016; however, considering that I have evidence that I took action to contact them according to their instructions to attempt to reach a resolution only to be ignored since their written words do not actually match their actions, I believe that they made those statements publicly in an attempt to try to make themselves appear as though they care about their customers or potential customers...

As I reflect on the past six years, this is how I feel about Mr. Rooter:

If you ever have a problem with any work Mr. Rooter has done, then it is highly probable that you will be lead on - provoked if you will - where they will use their money and leverage to further victimize you...As I have discovered in the past 6 years, there are upfront, fair, and honest plumbers out there that we wish we would have contact first - Don't make the mistake of thinking that going with a National Brand is a safe bet because that is what we thought - how wrong we were....

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mr. Rooter Plumbing / Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh False Advertising

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh commercial - the source of the “advertising” below:

-In this commercial, which takes place at the personal residence of owners Bob and Carol Beall, their business manager, Don Ball, pretends to be a customer greeting a Mr. Rooter employee.  Personally, I don’t find the scenario in the video to be an honest representation to consumers.  In fact, the Mr. Rooter employee may actually be representing how much they truly investigate your plumbing issues before  they tell you it needs replaced - even if plumbing doesn’t need replaced….The employee in the video barely touched the plumbing in an investigative manner:  opened up some cabinet doors, took a lid off the toilet, and ran some water….

IT WOULD BE WISE TO GET ANOTHER OPINION FROM A REAL PLUMBER!   Many times, that second opinion from a reputable plumber saves someone from making a costly and, sometimes, unsafe choice.  

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh I Cranberry Township PA Advertising Video:

“Welcome to an active job site of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh!”

-Well, considering this is actually the home of the owner of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Bob Beall - with the house number of “208” shown in the video, in addition to photos of the house compliments of Google Maps…An active job site - I guess he could potentially have his employees do work at his home.  I believe that, in general, the statements depicted in this advertisement are not true and was produced for advertising purposes only; thus, I don’t feel that this ad even starts out advertising honesty….  Maybe a 1/2 truth, but not 100% honesty; thus, this is technically a dishonest advertisement.  

“Our focus on providing quality plumbing service and products combined with honesty (not that I, and others, have evidence of) has made our plumbers the first choice (by what standard is this statement being made?) of many residential and commercial clients worldwide.”

 - Well, at .27 seconds into the video, who is at the threshold of house number “208?”  Not the owners of the home, local president Bob Beall and the local vice president Carol Beall, but rather the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh business manager (that was his title last time I checked the website), Don Ball.  In a previous commercial in their home, it was Carol Beall and the employee, Earl Mahon, who told my Mom one price and switched the contract without her knowledge or consent or mine as the one signing the contract, which can be found at:  Unless Don moved in or is renting the home - his role appears to be pretending to be a homeowner in his employer’s house.  Certainly, if they delivered quality products and services and were honest with their customers….surely, they would would have been able to find a real client’s home to use:  not a relation, not  friend, not an employee, not any relations or friends of employees…..Real people who have no clue who they are kind of representation - you know, authentic.  

Mr. Rooter of Youngstown (EXACT SAME ADVERTISING VIDEO AS MR. ROOTER OF YOUNGSTOWN OHIO; Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that employees from Pittsburgh and Youngstown can service either location…..I strongly agree that the way this owner conducts business is a risk to residents of both states/service areas):

-Not only are they highlighting Pittsburgh and not Youngstown in an advertisement meant for Youngstown, don’t forget that there is a lawsuit against Bob Beall’s Mr. Rooter of Youngstown location filed by the Attorney General of Ohio in the Mahoning County Court.  The interesting thing is that Bob Beall’s seemingly longtime attorney, John Linkosky, has joined his defense in the Mahoning County Court….It really feels as though they are devising a plan on how to get him out of taking responsibility for behaviors that even the AG of Ohio believes are shady, although he more specifically referred to the behavior as misrepresentation.  I really hope there will be real justice in this case for the victims in Ohio who filed claims with the Ohio Attorney General….As Pennsylvanians, we had an Attorney General who didn’t do her job and was corrupt - The people I talk to tell me that PA is a corrupt state; therefore, no one living here may ever see justice….

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh's Manager (Either Present or Former) Insists, Without Any Investigation, That They Did No Wrong....This Is A Good Example of Refusing To Take Responsibility.....

 The conversation above took place on June 1, 2016.  This is the FIRST conversation that I have ever had with the former manager of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh / Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh since I've presented the serious issues to them that occurred from December 24 through December 30, 2011 and up through January 23, 2012.  

There was ONE, short conversation that took place between Brian and my Mother around January of 2012 where she asked him to speak with me because she did not have the 1st hand knowledge of most of the events surrounding the dates of service due to the fact that I was the one present throughout the entire process and "I" was the one who the Mr. Rooter employees came to - not my Mother!

The only time that the Mr. Rooter employees contacted my Mother was to collect money - December 24, 2011, December 25, 2011, December 27, 2011, and January 23, 2012.  If it was not for me reporting to her at the end of every work day, then she would have had no idea what they were doing to her property due to inaccessibility as a result of disability.  

The reason I believe Brian is dangerous is because his response communicates to me that he does not take issues regarding dishonesty and unethical business practices seriously:  breach of contract, damage to the home and personal property damage due to breach of contract, and allowing employees that he is supervising to engage in fraudulent misrepresentation (you don't tell someone that you are replacing their whole sewer line and then change the contract to include only a small portion of the sewer line without their presence, knowledge, or consent - as an example...offering a free toilet and then charging for the "free toilet" is also fraud - as another example).

Brian's title at Mr. Rooter was "Excavation Manager"; thus, it would be reasonable to conclude that completing the job according to contract or correcting mistakes made by his "excavation team" was not important to him.  Nothing about his response addresses any issues that were brought up with supporting evidence.

He was also employed at the same time Mr. Rooter posted that they won the Angie's List Super Service Award in 2012, even though THEY DID NOT WIN, Mr. Rooter publicly confirmed to me that they DID NOT WIN, but kept the lie up anyway still pretended that I was lying when they clearly knew that I was not lying...False advertising in an attempt to defraud consumers by a business is, seemingly, acceptable behavior to Brian? So, I wonder if Brian was still around in 2014 when they began stealing leads from Mr. Rooter and calling people back as Rooter Champion?  

Brian:  "Your mothers sewer line was bad"

My Expanded Response: 

First, let me start off by saying that Brian was NEVER at the property at ANY time before, during, or after work was performed at my Mother's home.  Mr. Rooter did, however, publicly state that Brian received his Master Plumber's License in 2006 without mentioning the license number or whether it was still active.  

Master Plumber or not, there is no way Brian should be able to make a determination sitting in an office located 1 1/2 hours away from the house.  The information Brian received was hearsay only by employees with criminal dockets of theft and other charges and who just showed up with no scheduled appointment on December 25, 2011, with only one employee identified as a Mr. Rooter employee until I showed up at the house from my Aunt's and saw two Mr. Rooter trucks.  So, why did Joe forget to mention his "buddy" was another Mr. Rooter employee? 

I have the independent video inspection to prove the condition of our sewer line and that the excavation job was breached.  In fact, if I pay $300 for another video inspection, I may actually be able to discredit Mr. Rooter's first video taken AFTER they began work because I do not believe that there was 21 feet of pipe from the house trap to the clean-out installed in the basement.  I was correct about my belief that they stopped work 6 to 8 feet from the main sewer line, so perhaps I will be right about this as well....

I have photographs to prove what was destroyed and not restored during the excavation job.

I have photographs that prove the shoddy workmanship of the excavation job that they refused to repair when it was defective on its face.

In fact, without an independent video inspection performed before and after work began (Mr. Rooter's video should not count because work had been started when the video was supposedly recorded, which could easily accommodate playing a video and adding on more video to make it look like our property - a former employee recalls consumers being showed a dummy video of a bad sewer line when there was nothing wrong with their sewer line), there can be no proof of whether the work performed was necessary to the point Mr. Rooter stopped unless excavation is done and the insert is pulled out; however, that would cost more money and Mr. Rooter certainly wouldn't be performing that work.    

I know for a fact that the last 6 feet of the sewer line is in good condition as is the 40 foot section of 6" terra cotta sewer pipe lined with an insert located between the house trap and the clean-out in the yard that reads as a sewer line replacement on the contract, but it wasn't a sewer line replacement (shady? yes!).

Actually, there is no proof that our sewer line was anything other than blocked in two to three different places with solidified grease, which can be broken down and flushed through the sewer line according to another reputable drain cleaning company and other contractors I've talked to about the issue.

The only video that I have as a result of nagging Mr. Rooter for a copy of it after they were given a blank DVD by myself to do so is the one that they claim to be proof of the condition calling for a replacement of our entire so-called "bad sewer line" - the sewer that they never inspected prior to stating that a full sewer line replacement was necessary.  This video does not show the condition of the sewer line before they dug a pointless relief pit and broke the cap to the housetrap.  

Since Brian was the manager at the time and the one who, supposedly, is a Master plumber and the one who was likely responsible for the Apprentice and Journeyman plumbers under him, then he must have trained and/or authorized Earl Mahon (the employee with a criminal docket history of theft and other charges on file) to engage in fraudulent misrepresentation:  the entire sewer line was to be replaced for $10, 000 - my Mother wasn't at the property, but rather she was sitting in a room full of people at her sister's house with Earl on speakerphone where one of them remembers that the entire lateral sewer line was to be done at an orally agreed upon price of $10, 000 and there was no mention of extra paperwork other than a typical, binding contract.  

THE THIRD CONTRACT IS FRAUDULENT.  Period.  $9, 500 contract should have never existed - even though it was breached anyway.  The breach caused thousands of dollars in damage to our personal property and the house.  Had the employees gone to the point of the sewer line stated on the contract, then guess who would not have discovered the truth about what went on at our home and what goes on the homes of everyone who calls Mr. Rooter or any other Dwyer Group brand.

 In fact, I can't even be sure that those videos that I was shown (because my Mother, their customer, never saw the videos) were our sewer line.  Former employees have confirmed that videos of bad sewer lines are shown to consumers that weren't taken at their homes.  In fact, even more recently, consumers have come to report how Mr. Rooter employees have told them that their sewer line was bad and needed replaced after performing their so-called video inspection; yet, another video inspection by another company reveals that there are no problems whatsoever with the sewer line other than blockages successfully cleared by using a snake or a hydrojetting process.  

Brian:  "she knew the price before we started"

My Expanded Response: 

1st Contract (Joseph Taormina - actor,  not plumber):  My Mother and I both knew the price before they started.  My complaint about the first contract is that no one should pay Mr. Rooter's full price to have a used, filthy, stack with the wrong clean-out cap installed when nothing on the contract indicates that the items for sale are used; no one should pay Mr. Rooter's full price to have a so-called "professional" spend less than 3 minutes pretending to clear the sewer line with the snake/drain routing machine; no one should buy Mr. Rooter's Advantage Plan that claims to provide preferential treatment and discounted pricing because they do not end up actually receiving the benefits to which they were entitled to.   Joseph Taormina told my Mother and I that he had a "buddy" with a video camera that he could call to see what the problem was.  At no time did he mention that his "buddy" was a Mr. Rooter employee, too.  Conveniently, though, Joe did mention to us that he would deny it if we ever told anyone he said that to us....I'm not surprised because I am relatively certain that I have a copy of his criminal docket of containing a guilty plea of theft as well....Figures....

2nd Contract (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  My Mother and I both knew the price for our lateral sewer line replacement, which was supposed to be replaced running from the basement to the township's main sewer line:  $10,000.  It didn't. 

3rd Contract (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  The entire contract is fraudulent, except for that this contract should have been created for the price of a toilet and its associated installation cost.

Brian:  "She signed all the proper paper work"

My Expanded Response: 

1st Contract (Joseph Taormina - actor, not plumber):  According to the PA HICPA law, the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh contract did not contain the PA HICPA number as required by law.  Any missing requirements of the PA HICPA law may result in the contract being unenforceable.  During this contractual period, my Mother was present and was never presented with emergency forms.  This explains why, since she was never told about their existence and she had never seen or signed any of these forms in her life, she did not expect that during contract #2 that forms that would sign her rights away actually existed.  The 1st Contract was considered an emergency; yet, no forms were presented or explained.  

2nd Contract (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  According to the PA HICPA law, the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh contract did not contain the PA HICPA number as required by law.  Any missing requirements of the PA HICPA law may result in the contract being unenforceable.  During this contractual period, my Mother was 1) NOT present 2) was never told she would need to sign forms waiving her rights under the FTC 3) was told she needed a brand new sewer line where she and I both confirmed that it was to go from the basement to the main before giving verbal authorization to enter into contract; yet, Earl changed the contract and told me signing the forms was so they don't leave my Mother's job (when I told my neighbor about Mr. Rooter, she said the same thing happened to her; however, a former employee told her about the scam and a lawyer came to her house that evening and was able to get her out of the contract, but not without thousands of dollars worth of damage).  How was I supposed to know, at the time of signing the contract, that the main sewer line was not located outside of the basement door.  That evening though, I learned that Earl had lied because I found a review from an X-employee who said that they lie on purpose to charge for a big job, in addition to learning how the main sewer lines were set up in our plan....They were NOT located outside the basement door.  I was secretly hoping inside that the x-employee was wrong, that they would just do their job according to contract, and then be gone without causing harm....That did not happen at all.

3rd Contract (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  Should have never existed in the first place, except for the installation of the toilet - a requested add-on.  According to the PA HICPA law, the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh contract did not contain the PA HICPA number as required by law.  Any missing requirements of the PA HICPA law may result in the contract being unenforceable.  During this contractual period, my Mother was present and felt forced to continue for warranty purposes; yet, there really is no warranty when choosing Mr. Rooter.  Come on, even though Mr. Rooter saw photos, public photos, of the concrete work they were supposed to restore with BEFORE and AFTER photos - nothing.....Didn't offer to do it themselves or for us to get a quote and money to fix it ourselves because they were too busy pulling the wool over someone else's eyes - moving from victim to victim.  

4th Attempted Contract January 23, 2012 (hours prior to the municipal authority arriving and competently hydrojetting grease from the sewer line) (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  Without any feedback from the letter I sent, Earl showed up out of the blue.  Not to apologize for the continued sewage backup after paying them $20,265.67 and them failing to clear the grease from the sewer line twice after work was claimed to be completed....BUT TO SELL AN UNNECESSARY BACKFLOW PREVENTER for $5,000 WITH NO VIDEO INSPECTION to check the work that was done and to assess the problem - Earl....still lying to make money = a scam.  

Brian:  "You are just having buyers remorse"

My Expanded Response: 

My Mother agreed to the price of the first contract on December 24, 2011.  When I told Joseph Taormina what the MASTER PLUMBER told me that needed to be done if it backed up again, Joe wrote that down in the contract and performed the work - except for actually running the snake/drain routing machine (3 minutes pretending to try does not count).  In fact, the first contract was written how the other two contracts should have been written.  Looks like the jobs came from the price book because they had a description, the warranty time written, etc.  It was only that detailed because I asked for it to be.  The Advantage Plan on the first contract was a ~$200 scam, technically, because there is no evidence that my Mother received advantage plan pricing outside of the first contract.  

We agreed to the price of $10,000 for brand new PVC pipe to be run under the basement all the way to the main sewer line, but that is not what we got.  
The only buyers remorse we have is not the money we lost specifically, but that it was lost as victims of false advertising, fraudulent misrepresentation, and damage to the house and personal property.

We mistakenly thought that we had Master Plumbers at our home (You have to be a Master Plumber to do work in NY where were were living for about 12 years prior to returning back to our hometown of Greensburg) because Mr. Rooter appeared to be a large franchised company and we thought that we would be safe from scams and harm; however, we were scammed and harmed by the employees and the owners of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh / Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh.

We are not the only victims of Mr. Rooter either - sadly.  I believe that all customers of Mr. Rooter are being scammed - some know before they sign the contract, some find out during the contract, and some find out for sure after the fact....Unfortunately, some people never find out they were scammed at all.  

Ultimate Buyers Remorse:  Memories of my late father that we can never get back all because a business cannot be bothered to do the work that they were contracted to do or correct mistakes that were clearly their fault.  

Brian:  "Please drop it"

My Expanded Response: 

My actions aren't because I expect Mr. Rooter or the employees involved with the bait and switch/fraudulent misrepresentation to do the right thing for my Mother.  My actions are because more people than just my Mother have become their victims and will become their victims...  

Evidence of false advertising, misrepresentation, breach of contract, property damage, refusing to make it right, and filing defamation suits against consumers for telling the truth tend to alienate current and potential consumers.  I also warn people about employees who support these unethical and deceptive business practices and who are not interested in taking responsibility.  According to the job description, Brian (Master Plumber) should have been on the job at some point in order to....wait for it...."manage it".....especially when there were problems!   

Robert "Bob"A. Beall, his business partners, and his employees (who have behaved and continue to behave in a dishonest and unethical manner) have made "dropping it" impossible:
1st)  they have filed a defamation suit against me for making truthful and accurate statements and for making statements that represent my opinions and conclusions, which I am legally entitled to have and legally entitled to share.  I have evidence to back up the factual content of my statements, which I believe explain why I have arrived at the opinions and conclusions that I have.  

2nd) they continue to behave in a dishonest and unethical manner and, at the same time, think that the dishonest and unethical behaviors I (and other consumers) describe are referred to as "comedy" -  this makes them even more dangerous to the public than I had originally thought. 

3rd) there are other victims of the dishonest and unethical business practices out there that Brian was apparently a part of with no remorse.  At least someone in my city was able to get a judgement in their favor in the following case (I wonder how similar their case is to ours?  Many people are reporting similar or worse serious dishonest and unethical issues - even today):  

William D. McDanel & Jennifer L. Romagnoli
Mr. Rooter Plumbing Of Pittsburgh, Brian Tomlinson, Mark Loughran

Should these SLAPP suits against me go to trial because, apparently, that is what Robert "Bob" A. Beall, his business partners, his employees, and his lawyer want - to violate my 1st Amendment rights... Everyone involved will receive a subpoena - including the "Excavation Manager."

First of all, in taking steps to "dropping it," I asked for the cost of the third contract, $9, 500, to be refunded because it was created fraudulently.  I thought that would be a quick and fast way to hold Mr. Rooter accountable for fraud, at the minimum, and use the money to repair what they have destroyed.  Considering how void of integrity other victims before me have mentioned this owner and their employees are, I am not surprised that they have refused and continue to refuse to take responsibility for the proof of damages in the form of before and after photographs and videos.

As the heinous dishonest and unethical behavior continued, it seemed only right that Mr. Rooter should be required to refund all of the fraudulent transactions and the damage caused as a result of the excavation and the backup after the so-called "professionals" said our sewer line was safe to use WITHOUT even thinking about running a camera down the sewer line the FIRST time it backed up AFTER they had $20,267.65 in-hand because it was NEVER supposed to backup after they were done, let alone TWICE....Mr. Rooter advertises that they promise to fix plumbing issues right the first time.  Oh, wait....That didn't happen because Mr. Rooter lies in their advertising, which I have multiple concrete examples of.

As far as "dropping it,"  I offered to drop spreading the truth in exchange for release from the defamation suit back in November 2012 because I didn't have the money for legal representation.  I made the offer in an email through John Linkosky because I knew that no one within this organization from the franchisee to the investing company had the moral or ethical capacity to actually arrive at a fair and just resolution towards my Mother and didn't care that memories of my Father and my personal property were destroyed due to the inability of Mr. Rooter to provide their advertised products and services according to contract.  

They declined my offer to remove postings and stop, which I did in good faith; yet, in July of 2015, they filed another defamation suit with an outcome of civil equity claiming to just want the postings to come down and for the court for stop me from telling the truth and protecting the public....You know, I offered that back in November of 2012, but they ignored my offer....I hope a judge will be able to see the games they are playing with court time and resources and, if there is real justice, then they would be fined.  


Well, apparently, I misunderstood "please just drop it" where Brian actually meant for me to stop messaging him.  He could have been more direct about that in his earlier post.  So, I was giving him the respect to inform him of my post, just like Bob Beall; yet, they both don't want to know about what I post about them prior to me posting publicly about them.  Well, ok then....See what I mean about responsibility?  They take none and listen to nothing.  

Brian appears to be someone working in the plumbing service industry who doesn't care about people and ignores evidence....Do you want to be treated like that by an employee of a business you are getting service from when he was the manager and point of contact?  

So, basically, Brian told me today what he would have told me then and he wouldn't have listened to anything - evidence or not - which would have been a waste of time.  His behavior is just like them....It makes sense for the owner to make "like-minded" employees managers.  

Did you know that Brian is featured in our local Mr. Rooter commercials?  The link below is Brian advertising the $95 drain cleaning special.  Or is it the $76 drain cleaning special that has recently been advertised?  Or is it the $59 drain cleaning special that has been advertised in the most recent past?  Or is it, really, whatever price it takes to get an employee in a home to keep consumers paying for products and services they know will prolong the issue in order to bankrupt homeowners?

In the past, Brian has worked for Mr. Rooter at the locations owned by Robert "Bob" A. Beall:  Cranberry/Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and perhaps Dayton.  I am not sure about his involvement with the Weirton, WV location.  From there, he reported working for Roto-Rooter, and, more recently, for Matt Mertz Plumbing.  

I can only hope that Brian is not pulling the same shell game as he was responsible for managing at Mr. Rooter at Matt Mertz Plumbing because he doesn't seem to see anything wrong with fraudulent business practices or breaching contracts or anything like that based on his response...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, and Robert A. Beall Leave Lawsuit Dormant and Reinstate After One Of Their Victims Initiate A Boycott

So, it begins....

They have the burden of proof and my defense is either the truth or my opinion based on what I have witnessed. These are nothing more than SLAPP suits designed to bury the truth, so that they are free to continue doing business "as usual."  

PA Anti Slap Law

If I loose, it will be because I misinterpreted a court process because they can afford a lawyer and I cannot - Nothing like Mr. Rooter further victimizing one of their victims who had their personal property destroyed due to their breach of contract after the work was completed at my Mother's home. This is nothing more than them trying to bully me for telling truth and because they have more money to abuse the legal system. They knew that I was poor and I offered to take down and stop spreading the truth about them in exchange for them closing the defamation case; however, they did not accept based on a comment they made on their Rooter Media Twitter feed in May of 2013, which is when I reestablished my blog. I made a good faith effort, they did not. Defamation cases are notoriously expensive and time consuming to defend; thus, no lawyer is going to take on a case like this for free. I may be able to find a lawyer on a contingency fee basis; however, there is no way that I could even come up with the money in my current situation - ever. It is important for the public to know that these lawsuits, should they proceed, would leave me at a disadvantage due to the complicated nature of understanding what to file, when to file, and the rules during the court process. I need time to go to lawyer school in order for this to be considered a fair trial (8 years)- Technically, I believe (opinion because they don't seem to know what that looks like) that the lawyer already made errors in the process due to inactivity and failure to serve the second complaint within 6 months; however, I still barely understand the system and what the consequences would be.

This is the analogy that would be appropriate if I loose based on my lack of representation and the evidence I have to prove the statements that I have made and to back my opinions and conclusions, which are based on facts that I have evidence of.

Also, it makes no logical sense - at least to me- that I offered to remove my statements of fact that I have evidence of and my opinions about those facts after the defamation suit was filed back in November of 2012 not because I was in the wrong, but because, in order to defend the defamation suit, my Mother would have had to file a counterclaim on the same issue. Even though there was reason to believe it would have been successful, what would have been recovered in our favor would have been tens of thousands of dollars less than it would have cost to defend - which would have been more punitive to my Mother....A copy of the email that the lawyer asked me to send is included below:

**** (I did refer to the lawyer as being analogous with the character Fletcher Reed on the movie "Liar Liar." Honestly, that was my opinion to which I am entitled. In fact, I still have that opinion - even more so at this point. I can't blame the lawyer for wanting to represent his deep pocketed clients - all the lawsuits filed by and against two of his clients that I hold in very VERY low regard in Allegheny County alone....Whoa....I think it is really low to go after someone who does not even have access to representation for a fair trial - In my opinion, that is lowballing it....)****


Rachel Province

to linklaw
Dear Mr. Linkosky,

As per our telephone conversation, I would appreciate if you could pass the request along to your client with regards to what I would do in order to neutralize any ill effects of the blog and online postings and, at the same time, not be guilty of perjury.  I am only interested in posting the truth and ensuring that it comes across as just that.  I want to take a moment to personally apologize to you as I did not mean for you to felt made fun of in a public manner as I did not believe that was the message that I was conveying and plan to apologize to you publicly unless you specifically ask me not to.  

Since I do not have the money to obtain the appropriate legal representation and cannot find free or reduced fee attorneys to defend what I (and my mother) strongly believe to be the truth as I receive only $815 a month from the government, $90 in food stamps, medicare, medical assistance, and I do not own any property, I am requesting that Mr. Robert A. Beall and Mr. Rooter Plumbing respectfully consider releasing me from the defamation suit.  

I believe that Mr. Robert A. Beall and Mr. Rooter Plumbing will be spending even more money than has been claimed to be lost within the defamation suit and they will not be able to recover any of it because there is nothing monetary to recover should judgement be entered in their favor.  The time and money, I believe, would be better spent investing in the business.  The content has been up just barely over a month as the blog was not live until 10-18-2012 and wasn't distributed until 10-23-2012.  

If Mr. Robert A. Beall and Mr. Rooter Plumbing agree to release me from the defamation suit, I agree to cease voluntarily distributing information in a public manner to 3rd parties about our experience with Mr. Robert A. Beall, the local Mr. Rooter franchise (Mr. Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh), Mr. Rooter Corporation, and The Dwyer Group.  

In showing a good faith effort with regard to the previous declaration, I have already taken steps to permanently remove the online presence named in the defamation suit and any other posts or comments that were made about our situation and will continue to do so as I come across anything that is removable as I always do what I say I am going to do.

If the defamation suit is dropped, since Rip Off Report is permanent, I will post on Rip off Report the following in a separate report with a link to the Rip Off Report I posted in order to present the information to 3rd parties in the same degree in which it was originally posted:

"In relation to Rip Off Report #958849 (I will also provide the link here as well), It appears that the problem seems to stem from largely differing perspectives on how the situation should've been handled and how each party believes it was handled.  

My former blog and my Rip Off Report entry could have been better organized to present a clearer separation between the facts of the actual events that occurred from my opinions and conclusions.  As a first time blogger, I am now familiar with the appropriate protocol and will use it in the future.  

I want to apologize to Mr. Linkosky, Mr. Robert A. Beall, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and The Dwyer Group for any content that may have came across as defamatory with regard to any possible mixing of opinions or conclusions with the stated facts surrounding the actual processes that occurred.  

It was not and is not my intention that any harm come to the reputation of Mr. Robert A. Beall, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and The Dwyer Group.  My goal was to address the issues that I believed to be very serious and could not understand why a business, who expresses to the public how important their customers are, would appear to choose to ignore the presented issues.

Engaging in business practices with Mr. Robert A. Beall, Mr. Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and The Dwyer Group is no more or no less of a risk than engaging in business transactions with anyone else."

I've done extensive research since 12-24-2011 on our situation and the situation of others, in addition to learning how practices relating to our situation have been executed in the trade of plumbing - specifically, sewer drain lines.  When posting my blog, I believed that I had exercised appropriate caution about how I was coming across.  The content in my blog was no different than the online postings of many others who have dealt with Mr. Robert A. Beall, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Mr. Rooter Corporation, or The Dwyer Group (see links in the blog printout because there is no blog to direct link to).  At no time did the Plaintiffs inform me what specific parts of the blog's content they considered inaccurate or defamatory as I would have been more than willing to discuss and address those points considered to be inaccurate and mark them as such if proven so.  Why do you think I sent information and the link to the blog to Mr. Beall?  To give him and Mr. Rooter Plumbing an opportunity to address/refute any content; however, they chose to ignore it and turn it into something that it was not intended to be:  threats or blackmail.  My blog even stated that information would change within it as more information was gathered and it was proofread, implying that information would change to represent the truth as that was my primary goal.  I would NEVER intentionally post anything false or post anything with the intent to harm any entity.  I believed, by including a variety of sources that were publicly available on the internet, that I was making a good faith effort to present information in a subjective manner.  After doing research about blogging more recently, since I am not a journalist, I discovered that there were points in my blog where my opinions or my own conclusions could potentially be misconstrued by others to be part of the collected facts.  Before offering to remove the blog and other online postings in exchange for release from the defamation suit, I was going to reorganize the blog to ensure that there was no mistaking whether statements were facts or opinions as I have a first amendment right to express my opinion and I even have the right to engage in peaceful protest.

I still do not believe that what I posted online was inaccurate with regard to our personal situation and there is no evidence to suggest that what others have posted online is either true or false; however, does not the Code of Values state that everyone has a right to their own perspective?  Well, my perspective is obviously very different than the perspective of Mr. Robert A. Beall, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and The Dwyer Group.  

I no longer wish to argue the point because it is obvious that we aren't going to come to any kind of mutual agreement regarding how my mother or myself were treated.  (Our heros are the municipal authority because they came in and did for free what Mr. Rooter was paid very handsomely to do and what my mother signed her rights away for…Restored flow to our lateral sewer line.  If I had money, a video inspection would confirm that Mr. Rooter did not perform the work to the point in the contract that they stated which was was supposed to be 2' shy of the main sewer line…I believe that the work stops approximately 6' to 8' from the main and that is not shy…In my opinion, a foot or two within would be considered shy.  The line was never camera inspected by Mr. Rooter to confirm that the work was completed appropriately or, in our case, to finish inspecting our home's lateral sewer line according to the 12-25-2011 invoice.  Earl even came out to the home when they needed the hydrojetting truck to help remove grease from the line to install the 4" pipe according to the 12-27-2011 invoice, with pictures of the grease removed actually taken by Earl.  When I asked Earl if he was going to camera inspect the rest of the sewer line, he told me that it wasn't necessary.  The poorly done concrete slab in front of the basement door was in the contract and not once did Mr. Rooter ever offer to rectify that for my mother once the photo was displayed online as she was their customer; hence, my conclusion that the customer isn't important.  When we are asked who did the concrete work in front of the basement door, our response is going to be Mr. Rooter because that is the truth and people have asked.  My signature and handwriting is on the 12-25-2011 invoice as my mother's handwriting is markedly different than mine as she was at her sister's house on Christmas Day; thus, that makes me a party to the process…I was the one at the receiving end of the first-hand information and Joe and Earl permitted me to fill out the invoices and make payments via two credit cards which were promptly charged in full.  My mother did not receive the toilet for no charge as stated on the 12-27-2011 invoice, but was charged $400 because she did not receive membership pricing for the $5200 price; however, the $4300 price was the membership price for a job that Earl pointed to in the price book that we saw for the first time.  Paying for the toilet wouldn't have been a problem because I asked how much it would be to install one since they had the basement floor torn apart, but it was presented in verbally and in writing that the toilet was included at no charge.  There is absolutely NO evidence my mother received membership pricing AT ALL on the 12-25-2011 invoice…Nada….She paid for that 5-Year Advantage plan on 12-24-2011.  Tell me, how would a reasonable person not conclude that breech of contract occurred or that fraud was perpetrated?  To me, it is as plain as the light of day, but since we can't agree and I can't afford the necessary representation I am agreeing to drop it if the Plaintiffs agree to release me from the defamation suit.)

I appreciate your consideration with regarding releasing me from the defamation suit as I have removed the following:  details of our situation; the collective gathering of others who have all found themselves in similar situations with Mr. Robert A. Beall, Mr. Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and The Dwyer Group; and the links to another professional who explains what the hydrojetting process should actually look like and how an appropriate sewer line evaluation might take place in my opinion.


Rachel M. Province"

Yet, the second lawsuit they filed was for civil action equity for the judge to compel me to remove my negative and non-defamatory statements along with my opinion. So, why was a lawsuit required to do this, then because I waived the white flag due to my lack of legal knowledge and they refused to accept back in November of 2012?  

In my opinion, it is a further testament to the games they play. One minute - they are filing suit....The next minute - they are offering resolution.....Then, in another minute - they are filing another suit.....Then, in another minute - offering a resolution....Then, in another minute - Reinstating suits....For example:

1st Attempt At Contacting Bob Beall, owner of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh/Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh after Mr. Rooter Corporation/Now, Mr. Rooter LLC claimed Bob Beall was going to contact me to discuss the issue:

-I sent an email in order to provide information to Bob Beall because he was never at our home and did not have all of the facts of the situation. This included my blog because there was no way that I could send these files over the email server.


Rachel Province

to bbeall

Mr. Beall,

According to the service manager, Stacie, at Mr. Rooter Corporate/Dwyer Group, you were supposed to contact me.  Honestly, I am not surprised you haven't.  Now, I understand that it has been about 11 months since I was "serviced."  So, in order to be extremely detailed in the process, I have created a blog with invoices, comments, photos, and videos to adequately express my situation to Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, the Dwyer Group, and the general public.  This is the last time I am going to waste my time trying to communicate with Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, or the Dwyer Group with regard to making the situation right.  I must tell you that the ONLY action that will resolve this issue is returning the second invoice amount of $9, extremely fair request considering the situation.  

Again, before I make everything very permanent with the Attorney General; the BBB; Rip Off Report; Complaint Board; My YouTube Account; My Twitter Account; A Dedicated Facebook Page; Submission Of Materials To Television, Newspaper, and Radio Stations; looking for a construction-related litigation lawyer who may be interested in this case; and whatever else I have to do in order to save another person worse off than we are from getting scammed, etc....  I am giving you the opportunity to make it right.  In the event that I do not hear from you and receive appropriate restitution, I will begin the above processes on 10-26-2012.

In the event that the situation is resolved, the blog disappears and you are in the clear.  Also, if you refund the second invoice, it is fair that I would not hold Mr. Rooter accountable for the items within the second invoice; however, I fully expect you to honor the work in the first invoice of the sewer replacement/whatever you call the second part...pipe blast, pipe burst...?  If you don't plan to uphold your warranties, then you should return the entire amount less the materials cost of $4,000. 

If you had solved my problem, I would've been a repeat customer (I would've thought I was paying for quality paying 3 times the amount charged locally...It would've hurt, but it would've been worth it.  I am a very brand loyal person if the brand is customer-focused.  I was even asking about replacing my hot water heater and a whole lot more-until you ran off with 20,267.05...tried to pilfer another $5,000 out of us and didn't fix the problem.  It wasn't necessary for you to scam me regarding my sewer line.  I had plenty of plumbing work where you would've gotten that much legitimately.).  Furthermore, I probably would've used services other Dwyer Group brands, but my experience with Mr. Rooter opened my eyes to how that would be a very big mistake on my part.   

-Bob Beall's Response to my email where he CC'd Mary Kennedy Thompson, who was the President of Mr. Rooter Corporation/Mr. Rooter LLC at the time:


Bob Beall

to Maryme


I am currently out of town. My mother is in the hospital. If you have any doubt call Palatka Fl medical center 386.328.5711. (Sarah Beall) her name.   When I return I will address.  Sorry if the timing is bad.

Bob Beall

Mr Rooter Plumbing 

Pittsburgh's Most referred local plumber


-My response to his email to me where I was actually waiting until he returned dealing with a health issue of his Mother. I recently dealt with health issues and loosing my father to his second cancer...I was empathetic. I simply intended to convey that I received his email and was waiting for his return to discuss the serious issues that arose during dates of service.


Rachel Province

to Bob
Mr. Beall,

I have received your email.  

-Rachel Province"

2nd Offer of Resolution At Rip Off Report where they admitted to the Angie's List Super Service Award Brand Infringement and Posting a BBB Icon, in addition to demanding that I publicly admit to statements that were false implying that a resolution would never happen unless I lied. Just to be clear, the Rip Off Report identities include my initials (RMP) and the other a name that I created as a pen name to protect identity, but still exposed my identity anyway if they would have actually read the Rip Off Report. Scarlett (to imply that they have scarred myself, my Mother, and our residence) and McScammer (to imply that we feel as though we were scammed and, technically, we were). The exchange between myself and Debra and Debra speaking as claimed to be authorized by Bob Beall is below:

#23 UPDATE Employee

How Can I Help You Scarlett McScammer?

AUTHOR: Mr Rooter Media Center - (United States of America)

Dear Scarlett,
I would like to discuss your claims about Mr Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh.  Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.  I have taken the time to identify your profile, which does not exist.  It would appear that by non-disclosure of information to identify yourself would indicate to viewers of your complaint that they should disregard your testimony as invalid.

I understand that you are unsatisfied.  I am not interested in your lengthly expose' - however, I would be willing to discuss matters with you to relay to Mr. Beall how we can best offer you resolution.

There will be no resolution until we can speak about the situation with you.

I see there are no viewers, comments, agreement with your claims appearing at the location of this complaint - nor do I expect to see any.

You may contact me between the hours of 11am -4pm, Monday through Friday.

I will follow up with a post comment in about 10 days to keep consumers abreast of your intentions to offer suggestions on how we can diffuse your current opinion of Mr Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh.

I would like to ask you publicly to stop attaching my copyright tips to your complaints.  I own the work that you are linking to and I do not appreciate you distributing my copyright information.  You have not asked my permission to distribute my articles.  Please stop this practice as of 12/12/2012.  You will need to link your complaints to the proper authority for which you have a descripancy.

I currently monitor my Google Analytics account every 24 hours, as well as my Google Webmaster Tools account, respectively.

Debra D. Santavicca, PR, SMM, WebIT
Mr Rooter Media Center
Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day

#22 Author of original report

You are not authorized to help me, Ms. Santavicca.

AUTHOR: Scarlett McScammed - (United States of America)

Dear Ms. Santavicca,

First of all, the President of Mr. Rooter Plumbing Corporation, Mary Kennedy Thompson, refused to respond to my written communication which was requested by her.

Since you are not interested in my "lengthly expose," then it is obvious that you are not interested in my situation at all; therefore, no resolution could logically come about.

You are not an authorized decision-making party in this matter as per your statement:  "however, I would be willing to discuss matters with you to relay to Mr. Beall how we can best offer you resolution."

After a year of being referred to people within the company who have the authorization to make decisions and who have explicitly stated that they can't help me, I have come to the conclusion that it is absolutely futile to deal with anyone at all within the organization, literally, from the ground up.

By the way, no resolution was intended.  Had a resolution been intended, then the President of Mr. Rooter Plumbing Corporation would have mediated such a resolution.

If you do not believe that there will be any viewers, comments, or agreement with my complaint and you don't expect to see any, then why did you feel the need to post?  I believe you posted because the business is threatened by the truth contained within this report.

Suggestions on how the situation could be diffused have already been stated and ignored on ALL levels.

With regard to your statement about my posting a link to your copyrighted information...FYI, the website listed at the top of this complaint that you claim to own is advertised as Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh's OFFICIAL Website - Information that was requested to create this report.  It is on their invoices, their coupons, their commercials, their Facebook page, etc...IT IS NOT YOURS!  The website listed contains Mr. Rooter's copyrighted information...You organize it.  Within this report there are NO links other than the links that were in the signature section of the President of Mr. Rooter Corporation's email.  None of your articles are being referenced or distributed within the body of this complaint.  By the way, I AM linking to the proper authority.

If you were as knowledgeable with marketing as you claim to be, you would be aware that NOTHING in this report can be altered.  It is the policy of Rip Off Report.

I suggest that Mr. Beall should reflect on how he operates his business and encourage his employees to provide services in the same manner that is advertised.

To consumers:

Don't just consider my experience.  Search for posts from 
other people who have also had similar experiences.  Should you choose to engage in business transactions with this company or feel that you have no other choice, I recommend taking the following actions:

1.  First, check with your local Municipality regarding any issues with water lines and drain lines.  2.  Document everything with pictures and video in addition to keeping the paperwork between you and the company in a safe place   3.  NEVER sign your rights away on their emergency forms 4.  NEVER pay the full amount up front.  5.  It is cheaper to stay in a hotel than it is to make an "emergency" decision.... 6.  Ask for the employee's Master Plumbers License number and run a check - Considering the prices in their price-book, you should have a Master Plumber evaluating your situation.

Protect Yourself!

#17 Consumer Comment

RE: Post From Debra D. Santavicca/Debra D. Fischer-Santavicca/Debra D. Braden


Like you, Debra D. Santavicca/Debra D. Fischer-Santavicca/Debra D. Braden, I took the time to look you up as well.

In a post dated Wednesday, December 12, 2012, Debra D. Santavicca/Debra D. Fischer-Santavicca/Debra D. Braden, an employee of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, stated the following:

"I will follow up with a post comment in about 10 days to keep consumers abreast of your intentions to offer suggestions on how we can diffuse your current opinion of Mr Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh."

I am not surprised that the employee did not follow through with the actions she told consumers she would execute.  In fact, the employee's actions or lack thereof adequately represent the responsiveness of the Mr. Rooter brand to consumers.

WWW.ROOTER2.COM is the official website of Mr. Beall's businesses:  Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter of Youngstown, and soon Mr. Rooter of Dayton.  Unless Ms. Santavicca/Ms. Braden can provide evidence of her ownership of the web domain, it is unlikely that simply providing a link to the company's official website, which has gone through multiple transformations since then, is a violation of any copyright laws.

Speaking of and copyright laws...

I wonder if Ms. Santavicca/Ms. Braden can provide an explanation to consumers as to why she applied a BBB Accreditation Logo, for a brief time, on along with images that represent the payments accepted by Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh even though NONE of Mr. Beall's businesses are BBB Accredited (

Speaking of and copyright laws...

I wonder if Ms. Santavicca/Ms. Braden can provide an explanation to consumers as to why had the Angie's List Super Service Award Logo attached to every page within the web domain and the press release attached to multiple pages.  According to the Angie's List Super Service Award eligibility requirements, NONE of Mr. Beall's businesses were eligible to claim or receive the 2012 Super Service Award.  According to Angie's List Super Service Award eligibility requirements at , it states the following:

"Super Service award eligibility is based on the size of the city and how long Angie's List has been there. Angie's List must be established in a city for at least one year, prior to any company being considered for the Angie's List Super Service Award. As our markets grow in each city, in terms of businesses and members, eligibility may change to ensure that less than 5% of businesses are eligible for the award each year. We look to preserve the value and integrity of this award program in order to give businesses the prestige they earn as an industry leader.

Currently, eligible businesses must:
1.  Obtain a minimum number of reviews (varies by market) in each eligible category during the review period, November 1st of the previous year through October 31st of the current year.
2.  Maintain an A Rating in each of the following areas:
-Overall Grade, which averages all reviews received (3.5 GPA)
-Recent Grade, which averages reviews from the last three years (3.5 GPA)
-Review Period Grade, which averages reviews received since the previous November 1st to October 31st (GPA varies)
*3 - 4 reviews = 3.75
*5 - 7 reviews = 3.67
*8+ reviews = 3.5
3.Must be in good standing with Angie's List"

According to Angie's List, Mr. Rooter of Youngstown would have had to be serving the area from November 1, 2011-October 31, 2012 (Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh does not have the GPA required to claim the reward).  Mr. Rooter of Youngstown was opened in June of 2012 by Mr. Beall according to; hence, Mr. Rooter of Youngstown was only in operation during approximately 4 to 4 1/2 months of the award period of eligibility which was from June 2012-October 2012.  Since none of their locations are eligible for the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award, the press releases should be removed and the false notification that they were recipients of the award should be removed from all local and corporate websites and social media websites.  Consumers who are part of Angie's List, just remember when you are reviewing the work under Mr. Rooter of Youngstown, look for work that was completed from July 2012 and later.  Consumers who are part of Angie's List, just remember when you are reviewing the work under Mr. Rooter of Dayton, look for work that was completed from March 2013 and later.  Consumers who are part of Angie's List, just remember when you are reviewing the work under Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, look for work that was completed from 2001 and later.

Speaking of and deceptive advertising practices...

How can the owner of a plumbing company that hasn't even opened its doors for business in a market area (Dayton, Ohio) yet or that has only had its doors open for approximately 8 months in another market area (Youngstown, Ohio) make the following claim:

"We are the most referred plumbing specialist in the Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Dayton greater areas." (

So, the business is deceiving Dayton Ohio before they even open their doors for service on March 1, 2013?

As consumers, would you consider the above behaviors exhibited by Mr. Rooter Plumbing and its employees to be an example of honest and ethical behavior?  I know that I have not witnessed or observed honest and ethical behavior nor do I believe that I will ever be witness to honest and ethical behavior from the Mr. Rooter brand or their sister companies Rainbow International, Portland Glass (PG), Mr. Electric, Mr. Appliance, Grounds Guys, Aire Serv, and The Grounds Guys.

#15 General Comment

Apologies For The Negative Approach

AUTHOR: Mr Rooter Media Center - (United States of America)

I just simply needed to state that I apologize for the negativity in my rebuttal.  My position is to continue to promote Mr Rooter Pittsburgh Youngstown and Dayton in a positive manner.

We believe the customer is always right and will continue to do everything in our power to maintain a good relationship with the community.

Mistakes happen and information sometimes gets confused.  We will continue to monitor any and all feedback to ensure that all complaints get addressed as quickly as possible.  Courtesy is and will remain the most important tool in our toolbox.

Debra Santavicca, PR, SMM, WebIT
Mr Rooter Media Center
Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day
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#16 REBUTTAL Individual responds

An Explanation Of My Purpose and Role with

AUTHOR: Mr Rooter Media Center - (United States of America)

I wish to express my sincere apologies for Rachel Province (AKA RPM) (AKA Scarlett McScammer). Scarlett? RPM? Rachel?
I am sorry, but it still disturbs me that you will NOT put forth your real identity.

Let me be absolutely clear - regarding the comments that you have been writing regarding my integrity.  And to the consumer that is reading these comments:  I apologize that you have been subject to these rantings from Rachel Province who resides in Greensburg, Pennsylvania - I will refrain from giving you her street address or her mother's street address and phone number.

I have been contracted to write Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day.  I do an excellent job, as a journalist, creating a comprehensive library of useful plumbing tips for the consumer.  I also was asked to create a Website that would offer the consumer information on the services that Mr Rooter Plumbing offers in the Pittsburgh - Youngstown and Dayton areas.

I was given a press release from corporate written by their new Public Relations person and was told to circulate the "news".  I then went about my normal routine of creating a blog post, a press release and then added the information to  I was contacted shortly after using the press release that was forwarded to me from corporate (Dwyer Group) that this information was not correct.  Rachel, aka; RPM and aka;Scarlett McScammer - is the one who reported this to Angie's List.  She states her "thrill" that Angie's List responded!

Yes, I was bewildered as to how I was given a press release that (after I did some research) appeared to be a "template" Microsoft Word document that the Dwyer Group's representative "plugged in" Bob Beall's information.  She spent 3 minutes updating the document and I can furnish this information if needed.  I was appalled and it was very disconcerting, to say the least!

I immediately contacted the Brand Awareness Enforcement at Angie's List - sent them the information and source of the information that I acted upon in posting the "award".

The details of the investigation and the reason why I had been sent this "announcement" of the award are still unclear to me.  I do not know why I was sent this press release from corporate.  The ball was dropped and I have not pursued it - mostly because I do not believe that I will be satisfied with an appropriate answer from the Dwyer Group.  I can say this for sure!  I will never trust another press release that is sent to me as "news" EVER!

I value my reputation as a journalist.  I went to Geneva College for Secondary English and then went to Slippery Rock University for my communications degree.  I have been working in the newspaper, radio and television genre since 1987.  The last thing I want is to have my reputation destroyed because I do not report the truth.

To the best of my knowledge - I write comprehensive plumbing tips that are gaining popularity and authority on the Internet and I am proud of the writing style and skill that I have to write relevant content and quality articles.

Rachel, I do not understand why you continue to try to tarnish my reputation.  I am not today or ever have been connected to corporate (Dwyer Group).  They do no answer my calls, they do not respond to my emails and I do not see them as a reputable or concerned entity when problems arise with one of their franchise operators.

Mr Beall has been assaulted by you with these postings - and I was asked to respond to you a few months ago - I didn't mean to be interpreted as uninterested in your problem.  I may have been misunderstood when I said that I didn't wish to expound on your explanation of how you were treated by corporate.  As I stated just above - they also treat me with reckless abandonment.  They misspell words on documents we ask to have created, they put wrong phone numbers on documents we ask to have created and most recently sent me that press release which embarrassed me as a journalist - because you are right:  it was not a valid or documented award!

I meant to express to you, Rachel, that I didn't need be redundant about reiterating your dissatisfaction with your experience - it was already posted here at Ripoff Report and anyone could read for themselves your entire, thorough explanation about your experience.  I truly, truly, with integrity, came here to this forum to ask you what we could now do to open up communication and attempt to resolve the situation.  Meaning - Mr Beall asked me to invite you to contact us personally and open up communication!  As I re-read my rebuttal here I do not see how I acted as though I didn't care about your problem.  I stated that I didn't need the include your 2,000 word dissertation regarding your situation.  I was asked to post inviting you to contact us to personally speak to you!  Period!

I am not an expert in this area - resolution!  I am not in an office with a team of loss prevention experts to assist you.  I cannot do anything about your experience with corporate.  I am truly sorry that they treated you with indifference.  I cannot change that.  The only thing that I could do and am still willing to do - although I do not know if it has gone beyond an amicable resolution point or not - my intention was to let you know that Mr Beall was willing to try and resolve your situation.

I wasn't included in any decision to utilize an attorney in this matter.  I simply write the Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day - I have been given certain paragraphs of information to include at the bottom of press releases and I do my best to include statements that are given to me about the company.  I was asked to include this statement when I responded to you:

"Last year, Mr Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh responded to over 17,500 plumbing emergency service calls and you, Rachel are the only customer that has made it a campaign to try and destroy Bob Beall and my reputation.  Mr Beall also wants me to make the consumer aware that we have never in 15 years of serving the areas of Pittsburgh - Youngstown since last June and Dayton most recently - ever lost in court, either as a plaintiff or as a defendant." ~ Bob Beall

As for the BBB logo you claim that I had used on the rooter2 Website - you are taking things out of context.  So let me put the record straight.  I was adjusting the sidebar area of the new responsive Theme - and had used a block image that fit into the 180 X 212 area in the sidebar.  That image was flattened and in my media library and I liked the way the plumbing surrounded the image.  I used that image in the sidebar for a day or so - and since you are so on top of all of the work that I am doing - you should retract your statements about me using a BBB logo on the site.  The only thing that I can find that would have even given you the ammunition to say that I had used a BBB logo was the tiny representation of that logo within that image with the plumbing that surrounded it -as it also contained credit card logos.  I decided that I didn't like that ad block - which advertised $79 something - and that was not true to our current advertising campaigns.

We are currently using a "Call Our Dad" campaign that uses Mr Beall's adorable children in commercials, billboards and print advertising.  You have probably seen the very creative commercials on KDKA and WPXI.  I am sure you have also seen his great kids on billboards, for I know that we have some in your immediate area - again I will refrain from giving your mother's or your own address for privacy reasons.

I will also say again, that I do believe that I would have been more receptive to your derogatory rantings if you were transparent and forthright in stating who you really were - instead of hiding under the personna of "Scarlett McScammer" and now "RPM".

When you are prepared to come forward and let the visitors to Ripoff Report know that yes, you are in fact Rachel Province and that you are not the actual customer that Mr Beall even dealt with - then perhaps you will improve your own credibility.  My name is Debra Fischer-Santavicca.  My previous married name was Braden.  I currently use the name Santavicca and use the Fischer-Santavicca because I have so many friends from high school on Facebook that I wanted to be able to be found by my birth name.  I was also adopted as a baby and my biological mother was Annamarie Funkhouser from Ellwood City PA.  My father worked at ARMCO Steel and passed away three years ago in January.  My adoptive mother is Marie Conn Fischer and still lives in our family home in Butler.  I am the oldest of 5 children and if there is any other personal information that you would like - please feel free to give me a call.

You will find, Rachel, that I am a very happy person, I love the wonderful talents that God has gifted me and I love the opportunity to write the Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day.  And to the consumer, my intentions are never to mislead you about Mr Beall, his family, how many children he has fostered or how many children he has adopted.  Rachel, this is why I am sure that Mr Beall's attorney has chosen to file a Defamation of Character lawsuit against you.  Because you have strayed from the facts of the unsatisfactory job results - at your mother's home - and have taken this forum and turned it into a personal character assassination forum - that does not represent anything realistic or rewarding for the customers to read.

I would like to also state that I openly invite anyone reading these Ripoff Report comments to feel free to visit - contact Mr Beall or myself and we will be glad to offer transparency about our list of satisfied customers as well as customers that were not completely satisfied.  We have a service area of over 3.5 million consumers and I do not think it would ever be realistic to say that every customer we have ever dealt with are 100% satisfied.  We do focus on customer service, we do wish to be the trusted plumber that offers competent quality services of a plumbing nature and we do value your opinion, Rachel, as well.

Again, Mr Beall or myself can do nothing about the way your were treated by calling corporate.  And from what I can surmise from this entire unfortunate situation is that the Dwyer Group threw Mr Beall under the bus after treating you with such disrespect.  They left you hanging without resolution far beyond a reasonable time - and by the time you began addressing your anger in this public forum - Mr Beall was just finding out about the seriousness of your claims.  Get the story straight, Rachel.  Please come forward and admit the entire truth.  That you are in fact, speaking on your mother's behalf and that your anger and infuriated and elevated comments have been fueled by the treatment you received from the Dwyer Group.  Openly state in this specific forum the exact nature of your phone conversation with Bob Beall, including the date, time and specific dialogue between you and Mr Beall when you spoke to him about a resolution concerning your mother's plumbing job.

At this time, Mr Beall does not recall one phone call between the two of you regarding your situation.  And I have never received an email or phone call from you personally, even though I have invited you to do so - which I will still maintain my position - that you refuse to be transparent and forthcoming with your claim.  You have now chosen to attack my integrity and my intentions insinuating that I am using different names and choosing to intentionally mislead visitors to the rooter2 Website.  If you are so offended by the website why do I track your personal IP Address to the site so consistently.  You are obsessed by this and by the activity and traffic and bandwidth you are consuming - are more like a virus than an actual real visitor.  Your activity to the site alerts my virus protection software that your visits should be monitored and reviewed as malicious.

My phone number is on every single Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day.  You can contact me via email:  My personal email address is:

I have the power to block your IP Address from accessing Rooter2.  I have thought about doing so - but have chosen to respond to you one more time - and let the visitors to Ripoff Report know that I am not being represented appropriately by your character assassination.  Look me up on Facebook.  I do not hide behind a false personna nor do I blatantly post anything on rooter2 in an attempt to mislead the public, consumer, customer or you, Rachel.

I simply write the Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day and do my best to create personality with the rooter2 Website - I am proud of my work, I enjoy my opportunity and I thank the Lord everyday for the gifts and talents that He bestowed upon me and I pray that my integrity will continue to be well received by the general public.  I invite everyone to take a look at rooter2 for yourself and please take a moment to write a review.  Let me know if there is a plumbing question you would like to see covered in a future tip and I will be sure to get your specific plumbing questions addressed.  In the event that you are cautious about using Mr Rooter Plumbing - feel free to call for a second opinion on your next plumbing repair project.  Remember that not every plumbing need, needs a plumber and that is why Mr Beall is giving back to the community with the expert plumbing tips.  We want the consumer to know that there are many things that the homeowner or business owner can accomplish themselves without calling a plumber.  Plumbing repairs can be costly.

Thank you in advance to all of the readers of Ripoff Report - who are following this post - please let me know that you have been to the Website by leaving a review.  Let the public be the judge as to whether the claims set forth by "RPM", "Scarlett McScammer" are founded to be a realistic representation of the Rooter2 online presence.  And, I also thank you in advance, Rachel, for coming forward in a transparent way and connecting with me personally, either by phone call, leaving a review at our Website or by contacting me via email. :)

Debra D. Santavicca, PR, SMM, WebIT
Mr Rooter Media Center
Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day

#14 Consumer Comment

Company responds! Kudos!


Ms. Santavicca,

Yes, I am Rachel Province from Greensburg, PA.  Scarlett and RMP are the online identities that I have used; however, I am not the only one in the internet world to have used an anonymous identity online.  Why do you think people use anonymous identities?  They use them in order to try to protect themselves from identity theft (all you need is a unique name and a city and finding the address and tracking someone down is not a difficult challenge), as well as from businesses with excess money to spend on SLAPP suits in a possible attempt to intimidate or silence consumers from adequately describing their negative experiences and voicing their opinions based on the facts of their personal situations and the reported situations of others after being ignored.  If consumers notice, in this complaint, our identity is in the body of it!  If you read it, then one could easily have discovered our identity because the emails were copied and pasted directly from our email accounts, with a good faith effort made to protect identities by removing last names and email account informationI missed a few, but even without "reading it," it was obvious that Ms. Santavicca knew who I was.  

First of all, it is important to mention that Mr. Beall has never met my Mother or interacted with her in any way nor has he ever been to the job-site.  Any contact with my Mother, the "customer," has only been through the employees of his business with the last attempt being to sell an obviously unnecessary $5,000 backflow preventer for our lateral sewer line.  The invoices/contracts are between Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh and my Mother, Mary Province.BUT.MY handwriting is on INVOICE 105738 ($10,000) and bears my Mother's name - her name is in MY  handwriting.  My Mother received the information about the claimed condition of our sewer line from ME over the phone while she was at her sister's house and NOT Mr. Rooter employees on December 25, 2011.  The employees volunteered to come out on Christmas Day and inspect the sewer line, with phone records proving that there were no outgoing calls from our phone lines on December 25, 2011, except from me to my mother to explain the claimed findings.  After explaining to my Mother what Mr. Rooter employees claimed was needed to rectify the issue on December 25, 2011, she gave me permission to enter into contract on her behalf in order to solve the issue of sewage backing up into the basement which was never solved by Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh as we backed up for three weeks upon the claimed completion of work.  Mr. Rooter employees did not object to me signing my Mother's name on December 25, 2011 and, therefore, recognized ME as an authorized agent of my Mother to enter into a legally binding contract with Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and to make payment in full for services before work began as an authorized user on my Mother's Discover and American Express Credit Cards respectively.

Considering that I signed INVOICE 105738 and its associated paperwork, as my Mother's daughter, I am responsible because I was representing her interests at that timeYes consumers, not very well, obviously, because here I am on her behalf and have mentioned so on the other report and on other forums.  My earlier reports and updates (October-December - with the facts surrounding our experience and my opinions, which I felt were well-supported by the stated facts, contained an emotional flare with the source of the emotion stemming from the negative interactions that took place with the employees of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, then the Mr. Rooter Corporate customer service manager and president, and then back to the president of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh due to the fact he brushed me off and never even bothered to contact his "valued customer" directly.  If you notice online, other similar reports have emotion behind them as well and, honestly, do you expect people who have been taken advantage of not to be hot under the collar?  The great thing about this complaint number is that, within the emails to corporate, the facts are restated about the situation from start to finish and come from the customer, my Mother, without the extra commentary that I added in other online postings which also include my opinion based on my experience and my shared opinions of the situation others have reported online that I have provided links to.  The interactions between Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh employees and us occurred over a 7 day period (12-24-2011 thru 12-30-2011), so of course there are going to be a lot of details - yes, very much like a dissertation!  :-)

As far as me contacting Angie's List about the issue I discovered, Debra, you just agreed that Mr. Beall's businesses did not meet Angie's List eligibility requirements for the Super Service Award.  So, then why would my being thrilled to have a company actually listen and respond to consumers' concerns in a timely fashion be perceived as a problem or presented with a sarcastic undertone?  How Angie's List responded was how I hoped that the employees of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and then later Mr. Beall would respond; however, that never actually happened - even after I had sent the link of my blog to Mr. Beall in an email which was in an appropriate format to support media intended to help describe what happened during our experience with Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh since Mr. Beall was never at our home (legally my Mother's home, but I live there too so it is not completely inaccurate to call it my home or include myself informally in the mention of it) and the blog was the only information that was public at the time, but not well distributed and could be easily altered.  Instead of contacting me as Mr. Beall implied he would in his return email to me, I received a letter from his lawyer that was composed four days after Mr. Beall sent the return email to me claiming that he would address the "issues" before I received the letter from his lawyer warning me not to contact Mr. Beall; thus, Mr. Beall refused to speak to me or even make an effort to contact my mother whose name is on the invoices and who both corporate and Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh along with Mr. Beall continue to state that my Mother is "their customer," despite the fact that it is accurate to state that I was present during the entire process except to go to the bathroom and my Mother can only speak on a few issues presented because she couldn't physically be onsite through the process due to balance issues complicated by a second hip surgery with the instability of the gravel and uneven ground posing a potential danger to her.

As far as Debra's description of her experience with corporate and based on our experience with corporate, I believe that Debra's claims in that regard are probably valid.  The vibe I get online about corporate based on accounts from others is that they don't care about consumers OR their franchisees, but rather only their bottom line.  I have no doubt they probably throw Mr. Beall and other franchisee owners under the bus repeatedly (Violation of the Code of Values for sure right there); however, what doesn't seem to add up though in that equation is that before I posted in permanent public forums such as Rip Off Report and Pissed Consumer, Mr. Beall knew where both I and my mother stood regarding the issue (my mother's expectations were actually much higher than mine, but I asked her to consider a different resolution and presented that resolution to Mr. Beall in the email) because I sent an email that he responded to the same day which was after the time period in which I had spoken with the corporate customer service manager who told me that Mr. Beall was supposed to contact me directly.

Debra, I couldn't understand, as a journalist, why inaccurate information was permitted to remain online for such an extended period of time (inaccurate information in journalism is also a potential risk for a Defamation suit according to what I learned online); however, it is a relief to hear that you are just as concerned about the truth being reported as I am.  As for your reputation, tarnishing it was and is not my intention; however, you are the entity who chose to reply or who was given the authority to do so; therefore, all I expect between any interactions is honest and ethical behavior.  In fact, as far as your writing goes, I find the Mr. Rooter Tips to be well-written and, based on my own research, consistent with what is reported in the plumbing trade.  Also, the format of the website is improved, less cluttered, and more pleasing to the eye.  Debra, your web design skills are very good, actually.  I have to recognize and give you credit for supporting the fact that the BBB Logo and the Angie's List Award should not have been attached to the website.  While you used the BBB Logo for formatting purposes, I am confused as to why you didn't resize any other non-copyrighted icon to take the BBB Logo's place.  So, what I don't understand is that you claim that you used the BBB Logo for formatting purposes for a day or two, but you want me to tell consumers that you didn't post it on the website in public view - there was no disclaimer at the time that stated the website was being edited or under construction.  I'm sorry Debra, but what you are asking me to do doesn't make any sense to me and, ethically, I would be lying to consumers if I made such a statement because, on its face, the statement isn't true.  In speaking with my Mother, we can't seem to understand why the BBB Logo/icon would've remained on the website for not a couple of days, but rather over a week (I'm sure that you have my IP information from even that period because we only have one IP address but multiple computers).  But the important thing is that the Angie's List and BBB icons have been removed from the website and, hopefully, if they are placed on the website in the future it will be because they were earned and that they were legally permitted to be there.  Also, as far as your advertising the Dayton location, I still feel strongly that including Dayton as a most referred area would be premature considering the grand opening isn't until March 1, 2013 so you aren't really there yet technically; however, perhaps mentioning that the business looks forward to becoming the most referred would be a more accurate statement?  I do love the separation of territories, though.  Kudos, for that idea.

As far as your previous post, Debra, it sounded brash and insensitive to me; however, it might have been better received if you would have used the terminology that you just did in your most recent posts.

Again, the last time that my mother and I were willing to reach out to Mr. Beall, while I was waiting for his availability according to his return email to me on October 18, 2012, I received a letter from his lawyer dated four days later warning me not to contact him.  I would rather Mr. Beall contact us directly to arrange a convenient time to talk, although I realize that right now he is in the process of opening up another territory.  My intention was not and is not to ruin Mr. Beall's reputation or his business in any of the communities he serves or plans to serve.  If you truly read the scope of my online postings, I believe that it is obvious that while I am angry at the situation I am also begging him to do the ethical thing at the same time.  If Mr. Beall is willing to come to the table in an effort to resolve the serious issues that arose during the dates of service with my Mother in an equitable and fair manner, then that action, when completed, would make many if not almost all of my statements of opinion false regarding Mr. Beall's businesses under the Mr. Rooter brand; however, until that happens, my stated opinions remain true and supported by the facts of our personal experience and, indirectly, the reported experiences of others.  I've been challenging Mr. Beall to make my stated opinions false since October 18, 2012.

Also, in reference to the court cases Mr. Beall states that he never lost, would Mr. Beall like me to post the 26 PA Court Docket Numbers here or perhaps direct consumers to the other complaint so that they can access a summary of the court docket numbers of the cases brought against Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh in the last 15 years, its local president, and its employees?  Perhaps creating a YouTube video with official copies of the court dockets would save consumers time from looking all 26 dockets up online?  According to the court dockets, 15/26 cases appear to be found for the Plaintiff, with some of the Judgements being Default Judgements for the Plaintiff.  Some of the cases were settled and some of the cases were found in favor of the Defendant (Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Bob Beall, other employees, etc.).  You realize that court dockets are a matter of public record and are accessible online in PA, right?  Currently, there appears to be two active cases between people who I suspect are scorned customers and Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh.  I read through the court dockets thoroughly and the last action that occurred looks like that was the last action for the case - the final judgementAlso, the fact that a portion of the cases were closed also alerted me to the fact that the information provided on the latest date was the final action taken.

As far as the character defamation that is being claimed by Mr. Beall and Mr. Rooter Plumbing via their legal representative, to be considered defamation the statement has to be false and knowingly so.  The character of the business is relevant.  The character of business' owner is relevant, and the character of the employees of the business is relevant, as is the character of the corporate entity.  The character that is being referred to is the claim that the Code of Values is at the center of everything at Mr. Rooter and that all employees are expected to behave in that manner both inside and outside of the business.  The Code of Values defines the character of the business and its employees.  The Code of Values is a set of values with expected behavioral outcomes that we have NEVER been on the opposite end of; however, we would be interested to see what these professed values are supposed to look like when they are implemented according to how I've seen them implemented on Dina Dwyer-Owens' videos that thoroughly explain each one.

Since I have to acquire information to support my legal defense pro se and act as my own lawyer because I can't afford the type of lawyer I need to help me best support my defamation defense, which is the truth, I have had no other choice but to devote time to gathering the evidence I need due to the fact that everything I have documented about our experience and the experiences of others online will be scrutinized.  No, Debra and Mr. Beall, I am not "obsessed," but rather am monitoring and gathering data as necessary, not only to defend my statements of fact but also to defend my statements of opinion should the suit continue to trial, in addition to taking on the role of consumer advocate in order to protect other consumers from being treated in the same manner.  While I am the only customer that has seemingly been this persistent and vocal, perhaps the reason I have been such is because I was directly involved and my handwriting is on an invoice which makes me feel strongly about my ultimate responsibility for introducing my mother to this unfortunate financial disaster and the continuation of a problem that was never remedied and the fact that I have nothing to loose by standing up for the injustice that occurred and continues to remain unresolved.  Not everyone comes forward for many reasons.  Perhaps, consumers fear that the actions taken against me will be taken against them and they have family to support and a roof to keep over their head.  I even have support on this issue locally (family, friends, relatives, and even my medical team believes that I should stand up for what is right!).  Perhaps the online support I appear to be receiving is from other consumers in different market areas that may have friends and relatives who have been burned by a Mr. Rooter Plumbing location.  For the record, Debra, I DO have my story straight and have provided links to back up any statements of fact and why I arrived at my opinion so that consumers can investigate and form opinions for themselves.  The only information that the consumers did not really have from me was my identity.

It is nice to hear that my opinion may be valued by Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, however, actions have definitely spoken louder than words with regard to Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and Mr. Beall demonstrating how my opinions might be valued.  Even Mr. Beall states publicly in his interviews that he takes negatives experiences to improve his business and how he and his business is coming off to members of the community.  Respectfully, Mr. Beall, your employees need retrained.

With regard to whether the situation has gone past an amicable resolution, what you, Debra, and Mr. Beall don't seem to understand about me is that I understand people make mistakes and I always give people the chance to make things right more times than I should.  I'm the mediator, the nice girl in the familyMy mother, though, not so much and she doesn't see the situation the same way I do.  I even advocate for Mr. Beall as a businessman with her and have advised her to consider Mr. Beall's situation as well.  Why do you think I waited until October 25, 2012, even though work ended on 12-30-2011 and the sewer didn't stop backing up until the sewage authority hyrojetted our line on 1-23-2012, before making our situation a matter of permanent record through a public online forum such as Rip Off Report?  My delay, I believe, shows that my intention was NEVER to put a reputation in danger; however, morally I could not let what happened in our situation happen to someone else without me reiterating our experience and pointing out the themes that we did not notice earlier during the time of service due to being caught up in the panic of sewage backing up into our basement.

Again, I have stated through other mediums that how Mr. Beall reacted to our situation and his effort to find a reasonable and equitable resolution with my mother should send a strong message about his business ethics or his intended business ethics to the community.

I don't agree with the statement that the customer is always right because they aren't always right.  I don't believe that price should be the only reason to bring up a complaint or that price be the only reason not to consider a contractor.  Other factors should be present like the work not being completed, a breech of contract, a continuation of the problem, a failure to resolve the problem, etc.  I made an effort to resolve issues privately on behalf of my mother because I am the primary source of information before I made them public; however, when you are ignored, then what do you expect a consumer to do and what options do you think the consumer would feel that they had?

Again, I invite Mr. Beall to contact us if he is truly interested in discussing resolution because, due to the letter written to me by his lawyer on 10-22-2012 and that I received on 10-24-2012 warning me to stop bothering Mr. Beall about our dissatisfaction with the failure of his business to rectify the problem AND the defamation suit filed against me on 11-5-2012 and served to me by the Westmoreland County Sheriff on or around 11-19-2012, I have no intention on reaching out because I have already tried and failed and, quite frankly, do not want to be at the brunt of anymore of this unnecessary legal nonsenseIt is Mr. Beall's turn to reach out and it is his response that WE have been waiting for.

Mr. Beall knows exactly the minimum that we feel would be considered an amicable resolution to right the wrong.  Also, release from the Defamation suit and my being required to adequately represent any of the above efforts should be demanded.  I challenge Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh to diffuse the situation and show consumers that he and his business are committed to implementing the values that are advertised, standing behind the work and decisions of his employees and being responsible if a mistake is made, in addition to being willing to address any issues that arise and/or miscommunication that has occurred in the process.

3rd Offer of Resolution (After being taunted, first, of course):

Carol Potocnik Beall It's sad when there is two comments and there both by the person who made the original post.
LikeReplyMessage1March 11 at 7:50pm

Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices
 You see Carol Potocnik Beall, it doesn't matter whether I get comments....It matters whether or not I save people from you and your husband's unethical business practices.

Carol Potocnik Beall It's sad when there is two comments and there both by the person who made the original post.
LikeReplyMessage1March 11 at 7:50pm
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices It is sad that Mr. Rooter is banned from Angie's List listings because of the brand infringement you refused to correct. Or, hey....How about the HomeAdvisor Badge on your website, but you aren't even HomeAdvisor approved due to your husband's criminal record.

Carol Potocnik Beall If it was worthy of my time to justify to your 70 followers (30 of which are them our Mr Rooter related followers looking for your comedy) and 2 comments by yourself and 0 likes I would. The idea you would Facebook attack my 15 year old daughter is repulsive. The world should know your comment have nothing to do with you. Or is it the fact that your mother spent your inheritance because you could not make any wealth on your own? Your vigorous attack on social media is frivolous. Mr Rooter and my family promote good deeds daily and serve over 100 customers on average daily. As for criminal accusations you don't know the truth if a neighbor threatened your family you only wish you had a husband that would stand up for you. But obviously you don't have a husband since it appears you want your mothers wealth since you can't make your own. My youngest kids are adopted our way of supporting God and giving back. Mr Rooter employs over 80 employees and your efforts seem relentless. I wish the best. But I think you are embarrassing yourself. I would be glad to meet with you and attempt to come to a resolution but message me privately if that is an option. But please don't attack my children. God Bless You!
LikeReplyMessage1March 11 at 10:02pm
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices Carol Potocnik Beall So, how am I attacking your daughter exactly? I don't mention your kids. What is it? You don't like that your daughter is in a video that is promoting one of three different prices and it is on my page because it is promoting the $79 (correction $76) price and not the $59 price or the $95 price? If you don't like it, don't put your daughter in the commercials. How do you think that looks to consumers? You and your employees sit around and laugh and consumers that you have breached contracts with and have taken advantage of. Your husband, Debra, and now you...claim that you are willing to discuss a resolution, but you haven't in the past - what makes now any different? It isn't about me and the resolution sought is not for me and will never be used for or by me. My mother's inheritance is my MOTHER's. None of it is or will ever be mine or my sister's. I don't care about me, but I care about my Mother and that she didn't get what she agreed to and you breached the contract and caused property damage. As a result of the breach, many of both of our belongings were covered in raw sewage and had to be thrown away (memories from my deceased father that we can't get back) because it WASN'T supposed to have that problem when you were done. You were paid $20K+. After a $20K payout, with $10K as a result of a bait and switch, our stuff should have never been damaged after December 31st and your hydrojetters came out twice and couldn't clear the clog. You stopped the sewer line short. As far as embarassing myself, the most embarrasing thing we've done to date is trust Mr. Rooter only to get scammed. Our numbers our still the same. If you want to discuss a resolution, why don't you call my Mother directly. You have her number on one of the three contracts that we can never count on the warranties for. She is the one person you should be resolving matters with.
Carol Potocnik Beall Any comment about any child is inexcusable. I don't believe a social media debate is beneficial to either of us. Not professional. I will await anxiously for a contact via Facebook from you. Have a great night and god bless
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices You made the comment identifying your daughter while I was identifying prices. You are publishing her...
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices Carol Potocnik Beall Apparently, the call I received from Rooter Champion, which I didn't answer, and then called back the number where someone answered as Mr. Rooter is actually a matter for the FTC. Most importantly because I never sent Rooter Champion anything.
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices I never thought it about it, but showing people pictures of your employees' inability to follow a sewer line as a result of breaching the contract of the video sewer line inspection because it was never done MAY actually turn people off - obviously, you can't find or follow a sewer line. if you used the detection technology of the camera and device and/or followed the path, one could reasonably figure out where the sewer line was - rather than jackhammering up random parts of the basement and ruining its path to the shower drain. The Mr. Rooter employee knew that the shower drain would have to be jackhammered and redone in order to restore the shower base to usable condition after he was done with the sewer line work. He didn't follow the path of the sewer line after he was jackhammering where there was no sewer line because he told me that his boss would be mad if he jackhammered up too much of the basement, so he made a new path. What is the matter with you? The contract stated that you were supposed to perform a video inspection of the sewer line (implying the whole sewer line from the basement to the main - you don't even have video evidence of our main sewer line because you never made it there....ever!) and you can't follow the sewer line, ruined the fall of the concrete shower base, which was jackhammered up and disposed of and never repoured. Do you think people are going to want to use a company who can't FIND the sewer line?

Carol Beall, Vice President of the local Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh Franchise, posted twice:

Carol Potocnik Beall If it was worthy of my time to justify to your 70 followers (30 of which are them our Mr Rooter related followers looking for your comedy) and 2 comments by yourself and 0 likes I would. The idea you would Facebook attack my 15 year old daughter is repulsive. The world should know your comment have nothing to do with you. Or is it the fact that your mother spent your inheritance because you could not make any wealth on your own? Your vigorous attack on social media is frivolous. Mr Rooter and my family promote good deeds daily and serve over 100 customers on average daily. As for criminal accusations you don't know the truth if a neighbor threatened your family you only wish you had a husband that would stand up for you. But obviously you don't have a husband since it appears you want your mothers wealth since you can't make your own. My youngest kids are adopted our way of supporting God and giving back. Mr Rooter employs over 80 employees and your efforts seem relentless. I wish the best. But I think you are embarrassing yourself. I would be glad to meet with you and attempt to come to a resolution but message me privately if that is an option. But please don't attack my children. God Bless You!

Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices How people respond in their personal life is a good indicator of how they conduct business. Messages have been sent to you via Facebook and your business. Over the life of the Facebook page, I have reached 113,800 + people to date in the tristate area with factual posts intended to serve as a warning to others about the consequences of choosing Mr. Rooter. Likes, followers, and shares on social media is not necessary, but at least they know that this exists should they need a place to go after calling Mr. Rooter; however, I only hope that people will have the right information to protect themselves against these shady business practices seemingly rampant through your specific franchise locations and the organization as a whole. Again, the only embarrassing thing we did was to be scammed by your Mr. Rooter franchise location at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh(Dayton or whatever you are calling it now), Mr. Rooter LLC, and The Dwyer Group. Your children have never been Facebook attacked; however, if there is information relevant to the "bait" tactics to show others and you have publicly circulated an add featuring your children, then the information within it will be used as evidence for consumers to review. Definition of bait and switch:
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices I don't get it. As an example of the many law suits you have filed (as well as have been and are defendants in), you are lawyer happy people, a company that did work for you at your place of business left a raised edge; however, because you didn't watch where you were going and are suing the company. So, does that mean we can sue you for all of the falls myself and my disabled mother took on the uneven yard or the crack on the steps in the picture above? You demand a level of service; yet, you laugh at and make fun of others when they hold your business to the same standards.
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices There should be 100 videos of DIFFERENT happy customers everyday. I feel bad, though, the one older gentlemen couldn't even hear.
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices Carol Potocnik Beall .... Why are they being pushy about reviews? Shouldn't the customers be compelled to write these reviews because they stood up to their advertised promises? Here is an example of someone who felt pushed into writing a review who is not particularly impressed under the same guy we had 4 years ago (go figure). Sounds like he sold that poor guy a sewer line replacement.....Hopefully, they treat this guy right because taking a day off of a job that the customer probably signed papers waiving his rights under the FTC for does not sound like an excellent start....See why it is a good idea not to trust reviews from Mr. Rooter due to the pressure they are placing on customers to write something good about them even when they haven't completed the work? I guess the business classes weren't helpful, then?
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices Carol Potocnik Beall ....These practices resemble a textbook scam - Bait and switch specifically. Maybe even fraudulent misrepresentation.
Mr. Rooter Plumbing - Mr. Rooter LLC - Boycott Unethical Business Practices Your victim deserves refund because THAT was wrong....

No surprise that the message that Carol Beall was "anxiously awaiting" never resulted in a response....Smoke and Mirrors....She actually came to the Facebook page to make fun of me. Then, she proceeded to tell me that there are 30 Mr. Rooter related followers looking for my comedy - meaning that they think that the issues that I speak about regarding their business practices are funny....Then, her tone changes and, all of a sudden, she is anxiously awaiting my message....

but, when I send the you think I get any sort of response? that would be a resounding no.

CONCLUSION (Opinion based on facts): All offers of discussion and/or resolution have been a bogus publicity attempt. One of the many facts of the matter is that I had my property destroyed...I am a victim. I probably should have filed criminal charges against them for breaching my Mother's contract and destroying my property. I have every right to be upset with and to report facts that I have been witness to....Period.

Seriously, does anyone want to be on the receiving end of Mr. Rooter to have your personal property destroyed and have your Mother's personal property and home destroyed due to Mr. Rooter breaching their contracts and the inability to provide the services they advertise that they provide....and then get a series of lawsuits filed against you because you told the truth about what happened and what continues to happen and they refused your offer to remove the truth because you cannot afford a fair defense?

After observing for myself, first hand, the business practices implemented - I could not, with good conscious, not stand up for other people victimized before, during, and after our experience with them.

People deserve to know the truth before being subjected to their "services."