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Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and Mr. Rooter Corporation Ignore Valid Consumer Complaints from January 2012 to the Present!

The information provided below contains facts about the interactions that took place from January 2012 to the present.  Also included with the factually presented information are my opinions and conclusions based on everything I have personally witnessed up to this point...

As mentioned in the previous post, an email was sent to Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh on January 22, 2012, which described our extreme displeasure to have paid $20,267.05 to have sewage continue to back up into our basement.  A copy of the email I sent is below:


Mr. Rooter STILL did not solve my problem $20,265.05 later....

Rachel Province <>Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 5:32 PM

I wanted to inform you of our situation.  Currently, we still have the SAME exact plumbing problems in which we contracted you to fix right the first time.  You completed main sewer line work for:

Mary Province

*** **** Street

Greensburg, PA 15601

12-24-2011 Through 12-30-2011

Invoice:  106273 :      767.05

Invoice:  105738 : 10,000.00

Invoice:  105742 :   9,500.00


 Total Paid:          $20,265.05   (Oops, I had a mathematical error here!  It should've been $20,267.05)

Below describes everything that has transpired up to this point:

When business was first initiated with Mr. Rooter at 64 Progress Avenue in Cranberry Township, PA 16066, it was due to sewage backing up from the basement floor drain on Christmas Eve, 12-24-2011.  (This was the SECOND time we had someone come to the home we just purchased on 12-14-2011 about this problem.)  The technician that arrived from Mr. Rooter gave us the price to complete the work that the previous plumber told us might need to be done in order to address the problem, which was to install a clean-out and run a larger drain routing line down the main lateral sewer line: $767.05 (Mr. Rooter Invoice).  At the end of that visit, we knew that a bigger problem existed because the drain-routing machine got hung up and couldn't get very far down the line.  It was decided that a video camera inspection was necessary in order to find out what was going on in the line.

The next day, Christmas Day, 12-25-2011, a video inspection was done in which the technician said that it was necessary to replace the entire line underneath the foundation up to 5' to the outside of the building to the outside where the house trap is located: $10,000 (Mr. Rooter Invoice).  I watched the video inspection and saw clogs, but wouldn't have known what I was looking for.  The diagnosis on the invoice reads, "draining slow."  Well, no kidding!  It is draining so slow that it backs up into the basement.  The diagnosis on the invoice should've been more specific as to what was revealed during the first video inspection.  I asked for a more detailed diagnosis based on the video inspection, even after all the work was completed; yet, Mr. Rooter still never provided the requested information to me so that it could be submitted to HSA for consideration to see if it is possible to recoup what would be covered under the terms of the home warranty (Which, by HSA's contract terms, would never be more than $500).  Upon signing the contract, they dug to provide a relief area so that we could use our plumbing until they started work on Monday, 12-26-2011.

On Monday, 12-26-2011, a technician arrived with equipment to start jackhammering through the basement floor to reveal the sewer line.  According to some of the photos I took and what the technician had said, the soil was black and it was wet around the pipes, which indicated that it has been leaking for sometime.  Even when he was digging to reveal the house trap, the soil was black and there was water pooling there, which indicated that there was probably sewage leeching for quite sometime.  On this same day, I believe that it was necessary to get the hydrojetting truck to unclog the pipe that ran underneath the basement door.  Down the line, the hose couldn't get past a certain point; thus, the video camera was needed again.  

On Tuesday, 12-27-2011, the technician, who does the video camera inspections,  came to camera the rest of the line.  To me, the line looked clear, with the exception of a battery and a pencil up to where he couldn't get the camera past.  At first, the technician said that a full excavation was necessary, but later said that a pipe bursting could be done to 2' shy of the main that would COMPLETELY solve my problem for the tune of $9,500 and was told that they would go ahead and install a toilet in the basement for me while everything was still open at no charge (But, they did charge me for that toilet.  I had purchased the Advantage Plan in order to get discounted pricing and premium service for $199.95 and did not give me advantage pricing for the $5200 service, so they did actually charge me $400 to install the toilet-That is almost a fraudulent statement right there…just sayin').

When they did the pipe burst, something was blocking their ability to get the pipe through the line.  They called the hydrojetting truck again to come out so that they could continue installation of the pipe.  I was told that the technician was going to come out to camera the line to see what the problem was, but he didn't come (It wasn't necessary according to the technician that was there).  The technician that was there assured me that everything would be fine and I should have NO problems with the line upon completion of the work.    

So, one week after all the work was done, sewage backed up from my basement drain AGAIN and was even leaking out of the bottom of the new toilet they installed.  Mr. Rooter came with the hydrojetting truck and hydrojetted the line, but couldn't get it clear.  The Township came and hydrojetted and cleared the line; however, it did not last.  A week after they cleared the line, I had to call the Township again to come out and hydrojet the line.  On Monday, 1-23-2012, the Township will perform a camera inspection to find out what the problem is with the line - if it is their responsibility, they will fix it….If it is ours, it is our responsibility.  The men from the township asked me if Mr. Rooter put a video camera down the line after they were completed with the project in order to make sure there were no further problems and I told them that they did not.  I hadn't seen the camera guy since the last invoice that was written up on 12-27-2011.

So, here we are at $20,267.05 (Mr. Rooter's Kitty) for the total replacement of the sewer line underneath the foundation, extending five feet from the house AND a pipe burst procedure (a 4" pipe put through the current 6" terra-cotta pipes) to just 2' shy from the main that runs behind the house in the backyard according to the work order.  The only thing is, considering the angle of the lateral main sewer line, it is more like the work stops at about 5'-10' to the main from the access protruding from the yard.  When the Township performs the camera inspection, I will ask them to tell me how far from the main the work that Mr. Rooter did is exactly in order to determine if work was completed according to the terms set on the invoice. 

Now, don't get me wrong.  The technicians from Mr. Rooter that showed up were very friendly and courteous.  They definitely robbed us, without addressing the problem that they promised that they would solve completely right the first time, with a smile on their face all the way to the bank.  Now, if the problem was completely 100% fixed for $20,267.05….I would recommend them and call them for other plumbing projects; however, we SINCE we have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM.  Not to mention that I am 100% certain that they did not come within 2' shy of the main (Which would've been to the tap) according to the contract, I can not recommend them to others.....It would be like recommending crooks.  

Based on the results of the Township's video camera inspection, I see in Mr. Rooter's foreseeable future:

Attorney General
A lawsuit For Failing To Complete The Work Promised


On January 23, 2012, Earl, the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh "Technician," arrived only a few hours prior to the local municipal authority employees in order to try to sell my Mother an additional product/service that she didn't need - a $5,000 backflow preventer.  Aware of their true intentions at this time, my Mother shooed the employee off of her property.

After the January 23, 2012 appointment with the local municipal authority, we decided to wait and see if we had any further issues after the local municipal authority employees had cleared our lateral sewer line as it was important to be sure that the conclusions we arrived at were correct because you don't go around make accusations about individuals or businesses unless you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN about them.  We concluded that the continuation of the problem was, in fact, a result of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh's intentional negligence....

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh intentionally failed to properly address the issue of sewage backing up into our basement.  Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh has NEVER exhibited any behaviors towards us that have communicated any remorse for the events that transpired nor have they made any attempts to correct the situation or offer resolution related to fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract, or shoddy workmanship to my Mother.  

So, once we accurately concluded that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh's behaviors were less than honorable and that they rate #1 in the category of the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE that we had ever experienced in our lives, we decided to go straight to the top authority by attempting to contact the CEO of The Dwyer Group, Dina Dwyer-Owens.

In January of 2012, we saw an episode of Undercover Boss.  The episode depicted Dina Dwyer-Owens as a devout Catholic who claimed to be operating the entire organization by a "Code of Values."  On National TV, Dina Dwyer-Owens proclaimed that she wanted these values implemented throughout all of the brands under The Dwyer Group.  She shed tears and exhibited behaviors which I later came to believe were intended to trick the viewing public into thinking that Dina Dwyer-Owens was a CEO who cared about any wrongs that existed within the organization she runs and that she was truly interested in ensuring that any existing wrongs were corrected.

So, based on Dina Dwyer-Owens' reality TV persona depicted on Undercover Boss, I had thought, at the time, that surely an individual who publicly portrayed themselves as someone who was virtuous would be willing to help my Mother appropriately address issues of fraud, breach of contract, and poor quality workmanship with one of their local franchisees.  Apparently, we were deceived by this misrepresentation of Dina Dwyer-Owens on Undercover Boss.

Based on the events that occurred at the corporate level alone, my opinion is that Dina Dwyer-Owens is either not cognizant of what actually goes on within the company she runs and/or is nothing more than a hypocrite because she knows exactly what they are doing and these behaviors are how they make their money.  The definition of hypocrite is :  1) a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion  2) a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

In March of 2012, the following is the communication that occurred between myself and Dina Dwyer-Owens (sort of...communication on her behalf anyways):


In response to your initial inquiry or commentary below:
I watched Undercover Boss out of sheer morbid curiosity as to who was behind Mr. Rip Off-I mean Mr. Rooter….Did you know in the Pittsburgh Area, Mr. Rooter has an "F" rating with the BBB because of the way it conducts business? I know that I got ripped off. Fix it right the first time.....NO! After $20,267 (3 times what it should've cost - It was less than 100 feet of main lateral sewer line, with less than 45 feet of line being pipe bursted and about 25 feet or so being laid underneath the foundation, although I would have to take a measuring tape to measure about how much line was laid) my basement still flooded two more times and I had to clean it up-The only people that have done anything for me right now, honestly, is the Township I live in (For nothing more than the taxes I pay for)because Mr. Rooter came back with their hydrojetting truck and still wasn't able to remove the grease in the line…Not surprised because the hydrojetting should've been done with the camera checking for clearing of grease. On top of that, I will probably have foundation floor problems because no bonding agent was used to adhere the new concrete to the old concrete. What floors me is after all of the money that was invested in the sewer line (people taking advantage of two women in a desperate situation), the problem still continued and they had the nerve to suggest that for $5,000 more dollars they could install a backflow on the line (First of all, it shouldn't cost more than $1,000 WITH excavation and second of all, those things get clogged and require maintenance or completely dysfunction and would need dug up again). Seriously, I wonder if the people we were dealing with actually had the skills necessary to hydrojet properly and adequately evaluate the situation. Did I really need a new main sewer line already? The township said nothing was wrong with the tap and that the work Mr. Rooter has done doesn't appear to have any problems; however, the township did not inspect the line before they began work. I wonder if the township had inspected the line if all of that was actually necessary. Each time they were clearing lines, they cleared grease…..lots and lots of grease…….After the first large job, something didn't set right with me concerning Mr. Rooter and it prompted me to do a search online. I found tons of customers explaining how you have to be careful because Mr. Rooter employees will actually break things if they aren't broken to get work so that they can sell and make money for themselves and the company. It's sad that your customers really aren't put first, but rather it is a facade.

On Behalf of Dina Dwyer-Owens

Jasmine Phillips <>Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 5:23 PM
To: Rachel Province <>

Good Afternoon Mrs. Province,  

Please know that one of The Dwyer Group’s Code of Values is to respond in a timely fashion. Since our Undercover Boss episode aired we’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Dina has dedicated much of her time to reading and responding to letters, and although the email is being sent on Mrs. Dwyer-Owens behalf, the thoughts and words are all her own.  Please read below to view her response to your specific feedback.

Hi Rachel, 

Thank you for tuning in and taking the time to write. Despite the nature of your commentary, I do value the time taken to voice your concerns.

One of our values is that "everyone has the right to their own perspective" and I appreciate you taking time to share yours.

I have copied Mary Thompson, President of Mr. Rooter so that she too can be made familiar with your experience. 
In the mean time, I would recommend that you revisit the Mr. Rooter franchisee that originally handled your service and make them aware of your disenchantment.  I am certain they would love to earn the opportunity to make things right.

Thank you again for caring enough to write. 

Please accept this coupon offer as a token of our appreciation for your feedback.

Live R.I.C.H.,



In March of 2012, I was still in the early stages of discovering and understanding what really happened during the dates of service.  Nothing about our experience was made public until October 2012 concerning the heinous acts of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and Mr. Rooter of Corporation, in addition to the hands-off policy that The Dwyer Group practices which is Mr. Rooter's parent company.

From January 2012 to the present, I have conducted a lot of online research about Mr. Rooter locally and nationally and have found a lot of appalling information about them and their sister companies.

As I reread the statements that I made in March of 2012, very few corrections to my statements are even necessary and none of the statements that I have made contain any critical errors.  For example, while I discovered online from a news source that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh had an "F" rating with the BBB, I later discovered that they actually have a D- rating when I visited BBB's website.  In reality, a "D-" rating does not depict Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh in a better light than an "F" rating.

Within the correspondence between Dina Dwyer-Owens and myself above, she offered a $15 off coupon to use towards products or services at any one of their 7 brands.  Since there was obvious dissatisfaction involved and serious issues mentioned, what would have possessed her to arrive at the decision to provide a $15 off coupon toward purchasing more products and services at their brands considering the fact I was explained that dealing with their local Mr. Rooter brand was a nightmare?  This action, in my opinion, communicates the following sentiment from Dina Dwyer-Owens:  "Thank you for being a sucker and, by the way, here is a coupon for $15 so that we can continue to take advantage of you!"

Well, Dina Dwyer-Owens did, as she stated, forward the information I sent to her to the president of Mr. Rooter Corporation, Mary Kennedy-Thompson.  Below is the first email that was received from Mary Kennedy-Thompson:


Your Mr. Rooter Experience

Mary Thompson <>Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 6:41 PM

To: Rachel Province <>

Cc: Stacie Thrasher <>

Good evening Rachel,

We’d like to get a few more specifics from you to determine how to best help.  Since you did not provide a phone number, may I get that from you so we may call you?  If so, what is the best time for us to call? Thank you for the feedback. 

All the best,
Mary Kennedy Thompson - CFE
President - Mr. Rooter® 


At this point, I thought it was promising that the president of Mr. Rooter Corporation appeared willing to discuss what occurred during dates of service with my Mother.  Unfortunately, After just moving into the house and then becoming busy with education-related events, I didn't have the time to spare so I figured that I would just get back to them as soon as I was able to.  In April of 2012, I provided a detailed written account of our experience to the president of Mr. Rooter Corporation for review.  A copy of the email that was sent is below:


Rachel Province <>Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 8:39 PM
To: Mary Thompson <>

Dear Mary,

I've been very busy (I will be busy until July 1st) and have not been able to contact you or the local Mr. Rooter.  My mother and I (and our neighbors) have discussed the actions performed by Mr. Rooter, re-examined the documents, and have concluded that Mr. Rooter either exhibited criminal behavior (fraud, scam) and/or incompetence.  Hempfield Township was the entity that actually solved our sewage back up issue in the basement by simply cleaning the end of the main lateral line where it meets the main sewer line by performing a video-assisted hydro-jetting procedure (We have been problem-free since. To think, when the "camera guy" from Mr. Rooter came out after the Township finished the procedure, he was trying to sell a $5,000 back-flow preventer that even the government says, installed, a back-flow preventer shouldn't cot more than $1,000!).  Hempfield Township's policy is to call them first and we didn't know this; however, the company should be familiar with the policies and procedures of the areas they serve.  If they are familiar with them, then they withheld valuable information and even told us to call them, not the Township first if we have a problem with our line.  We have read reviews about employees at Mr. Rooter Franchises actually coming to a customers home in the middle of the night to break something to force the customer to have replace it and get more money out of them; hence I have installed hidden outdoor cameras because that is how much I do not trust Mr. Rooter after our experience.  Anytime I see a Mr. Rooter vehicle on the road, I cringe when I think of how bad they ripped us off. 

To be clear, Hempfield Township solved our problem AFTER $20,267 was forked over to Mr. Rooter to fix the problem that they said, for sure, was going to be fixed after $10,000 and for sure after $9,500, and an ATTEMPT at "fixing the problem" after another $5,000.  Never once did Mr. Rooter ever send the camera down while hydrojetting and/or snaking to make any kind of true attempt to see what they were doing to clear the clog.  Like I said earlier, when you have someone that says get ready to write your life savings away, what does that say?  Crook, is what it says.  This is because the policy of your franchises are to pay employees on commission, so they need to sell in order to feed their families....A screw the customer with a smile policy.  On top of that, I know for a FACT that the concrete replaced after the plumbing was put in on our basement floor wasn't put down properly as I was permitted to observe and ask questions when concrete was installed properly for another project we had done.  You have to put a bonding agent in the concrete and/or on the surface of the old concrete.  I'm sure it won't be long before our basement floor looks like that really bad concrete slab in front of the basement door.  The concrete slab in front of the basement door looked good when Mr. Rooter first did it, but it is practically split in half.  No one has barely even walked on it yet.  The sewer line replacement and pipe burst job cost 19,500 (3 times of what replacing the whole line up by digging to the main would've cost for the size job we had).  Based on all the data we have, we feel that the Attorney General should be alerted to how Mr. Rooter conducts business.  Mr. Rooter took our money without even fixing the problem and, perhaps, told us we had to have the whole main lateral line replaced/fitted when it only needed cleaned out.  It's nice to see Mrs. Dwyer actually care about her employees a little bit on national TV, but who cares about the customers who are the ones who put butter on that bread.  We had a whole bunch of other plumbing and other household tasks that we might have considered turning to Mr. Rooter and the other franchises located within the Dwyer corporation, but now we will not give our business to ANY company that the Dwyer group owns in our area based on our HUGELY negative experience with Mr. Rooter. On top of that, we feel that we have a moral obligation to protect people from being taken advantage of the same way we were by telling people what happened, show them pictures and one of the two videos that were taken (the other video wasn't even recorded for me because they said we wouldn't want it, but I did).  The only way to put a stop to unscrupulous business practices is to stop the income stream and spread the word.  

The only way we would be satisfied is to have $9,000 returned to us.  Why is that a reasonable amount?  The way we see it, the work that was done probably, for sure, needed done on the first contract ($10,000); however, we highly question the necessity of the work that needed done on the exterior section of the main line due to the fact that Mr. Rooter was unable to clear and camera the line to the Township's main line AND the fact that the finish work was done poorly and incorrectly AND they didn't even pipeburst to the point on the contract - they were two connections away from the main rather than one.  As far as we are concerned, only $500 from the second contract is valid because that was the toilet that was installed due to the foundation already being open from the first contract; Thus, $10,500 of the $19,500 collected for sewer placement is fair for Mr. Rooter to keep - especially since all that was blocking the outside lines were TONS grease, a battery, and a pencil, which could have been taken care of with proper hydro-jetting and tools.  

I am not going to hold my breath about Mr. Rooter actually doing the right thing or anything, though, so we will fill out the paper work for the Attorney General and make contacts about our experience.


Rachel Province


Again, the correspondence to the president of Mr. Rooter Corporation above, which was written in April of 2012, still accurately represents the facts of the situation and our opinions about what happened to us during the dates of service.

In reply to my email, I received the correspondence below from the president of Mr. Rooter Corporation:


Mary Thompson <>Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 3:53 PM
To: Rachel Province <>

Hello Rachel,

Thank you for sending this to me.  I’ve asked Stacie Thrasher, who manages our customer service department, to begin the process of looking into your complaint. She will be getting back with you once she speaks with the local franchisee. Do you have a phone number where Stacie may call you?

All the best,
Mary Kennedy Thompson - CFE
President - Mr. Rooter® 


Considering that I had already sent an extremely detailed email and they had my email address on file as well as our address and our phone numbers on file with the local franchisee, there was no reason why Stacie could not have gotten back to either one of us after speaking with the owner of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh (Robert "Bob" A. Beall).

I waited until May 2012 to hear back from anyone at corporate.  Since I heard nothing, I sent the following email:


Rachel Province <>Sat, May 26, 2012 at 10:21 AM
To: Mary Thompson <>
I can be reached at 3**- 4**- 4*** in the evening.

Rachel Province

So, there it was....The information they asked for....My phone number.  Do you think I heard anything from anyone at all?  I waited until August of 2012 in order to give them plenty of time to respond.  I was furious that they never got back to us, so I sent the following email:

Rachel Province <>Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 6:38 PM
To: Mary Thompson <>

Dwyer Group,

Due to Mr. Rooter's unethical and unscrupulous practices and their lack of concern for how they affect the customer, I will be gathering supporting documents and submitting the details of my interactions with Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh to the Attorney General, the BBB, Rip Off Report, a variety of websites in which Mr. Rooter advertises and where reviews are available, creating blogs dedicated to alerting people about doing business with Mr. Rooter and other Dwyer group franchises, submitting to the local radio and television stations (to see if they are interested in protecting their viewers from a company who takes 20K and doesn't even fix the problem, in addition to leaving the house and the area around it a disaster area), and placing warning flyers under people's windshields in shopping areas with web links to explain why using Mr. Rooter or any other franchise under the Dwyer group would be like hiring criminals. 


I still gave them additional time to respond to the email sent above prior to publicly posting the truth about what happened and alerting consumers to other instances of less than honorable behavior demonstrated by Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and other Mr. Rooter locations.

In October of 2012 is when I saw that other dissatisfied Mr. Rooter consumers were posting on their social networking pages and decided to make our experience known as well.  As I recall, I posted on Mr. Rooter Corporate's Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts.  I gained the attention of Mr. Rooter Corporation, once again, where they asked me to call their Customer Service manager, Stacie, at the number they provided.

So, I called the number that they provided only for Stacie to inform me that there was nothing they could do because it was solely up to the franchise owner whether or not they were willing to resolve the stated issues.  So, if the franchisee makes the decision to behave in a less than honorable manner (i.e. fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract, poor workmanship), then too bad for you is essentially what I was told Mr. Rooter Corporations' position is.

The following day, to my surprise, Stacie called me back and told me that Mr. Beall would call me later that day, tomorrow, or soon.  I waited several days out of consideration of the fact that he is running a business.  Since I hadn't heard from him, I sent a reminder email to Mr. Beall informing him that I was waiting, what resolution I thought was reasonable, and why I thought it was reasonable.  A copy of the email is below:

Rachel Province <>Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 10:07 PM
To: Robert Beall <>

Mr. Beall,

According to the service manager, Stacie, at Mr. Rooter Corporate/Dwyer Group, you were supposed to contact me.  Honestly, I am not surprised you haven't.  Now, I understand that it has been about 11 months since I was "serviced."  So, in order to be extremely detailed in the process, I have created a blog with invoices, comments, photos, and videos to adequately express my situation to Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, the Dwyer Group, and the general public.  This is the last time I am going to waste my time trying to communicate with Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, or the Dwyer Group with regard to making the situation right.  I must tell you that the ONLY action that will resolve this issue is returning the second invoice amount of $9, extremely fair request considering the situation.  

Again, before I make everything very permanent with the Attorney General; the BBB; Rip Off Report; Complaint Board; My YouTube Account; My Twitter Account; A Dedicated Facebook Page; Submission Of Materials To Television, Newspaper, and Radio Stations; looking for a construction-related litigation lawyer who may be interested in this case; and whatever else I have to do in order to save another person worse off than we are from getting scammed, etc....  I am giving you the opportunity to make it right.  In the event that I do not hear from you and receive appropriate restitution, I will begin the above processes on 10-26-2012.

In the event that the situation is resolved, the blog disappears and you are in the clear.  Also, if you refund the second invoice, it is fair that I would not hold Mr. Rooter accountable for the items within the second invoice; however, I fully expect you to honor the work in the first invoice of the sewer replacement/whatever you call the second part...pipe blast, pipe burst...?  If you don't plan to uphold your warranties, then you should return the entire amount less the materials cost of $4,000. 

If you had solved my problem, I would've been a repeat customer (I would've thought I was paying for quality paying 3 times the amount charged locally...It would've hurt, but it would've been worth it.  I am a very brand loyal person if the brand is customer-focused.  I was even asking about replacing my hot water heater and a whole lot more-until you ran off with 20,267.05...tried to pilfer another $5,000 out of us and didn't fix the problem.  It wasn't necessary for you to scam me regarding my sewer line.  I had plenty of plumbing work where you would've gotten that much legitimately.).  Furthermore, I probably would've used services other Dwyer Group brands, but my experience with Mr. Rooter opened my eyes to how that would be a very big mistake on my part.   

-Rachel Province


In response, Mr. Beall sent the following email, which, to me, implied that he was going to address the aforementioned issues when he returned :


Bob Beall <>Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 10:22 PM
To: Rachel Province <>, Mary Thompson <>


I am currently out of town. My mother is in the hospital. If you have any doubt call Palatka Fl medical center 3**.3**.5***. (Sarah Beall) her name.   When I return I will address.  Sorry if the timing is bad.

Bob Beall

Mr Rooter Plumbing 

Pittsburgh's Most referred local plumber


Well, ok, I thought.  I will wait until he comes back from Florida to address the issues as he stated.  So, I sent him the following reply email:


Rachel Province <>Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 11:14 PM
To: Bob Beall <>

Mr. Beall,

I have received your email.  

-Rachel Province


At this point, I refrained from proceeding with posting the truth about occurred during the dates of service and waited for Mr. Beall to return from Florida so that my Mother and I could bring up issues and discuss appropriate resolution to the issues presented.

While I was waiting, I received the following letter, which was not from Mr. Beall but his lawyer, dated only 4 days later:


                                                                                                October 22, 2012

Rachel Province
*** ****  Street
Greensburg, PA  15601

Re:       Mr. Rooter Plumbing v. Province

Dear Ms. Province:

I represent Mr. Rooter Plumbing in connection with matters involving your recent emails, blog posts and threats made to my client as the result of work performed, last Christmas, at your mother’s residence located at *** **** Street in Hempfield Township, PA.

I have reviewed the contracts entered into between Mary Province and my client, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, for what amounts to a complete replacement of her sewer line to the main line.  I have also reviewed various photographs showing the massive quantities of solidified grease which was removed from her sewer line during the course of the excavation.  It is also my understanding that additional solidified grease was removed from the sewer main.

Regarding your October 18, 2012 email to Mr. Beall, it is clear to me that you are attempting to blackmail my client into refunding approximately one-half (½) of the  purchase price paid for its work, notwithstanding the fact that the work was necessary and was performed in a professional and workmanlike manner. 

I note in reviewing your blog that you and/or your mother had apparently just moved into the property approximately one week before experiencing the sewer backup on Christmas day.  Perhaps you should be looking at the prior owner of the house as being responsible for the sewer backups.  Based upon the quantity of solidified grease and other blockage in the sewer line, it is impossible to imagine that the person from whom you purchased the house had not had significant problems with the sewer line.  You should check your Seller Disclosure Statement as well as any home inspections you had performed to see whether or not this condition was disclosed. 

I am of the opinion that your repeated emails, threats to my client and blog which inaccurately describes the situation, amounts to harassment of my client, if not blackmail. 

In the event that you choose to continue with this course of conduct, I have been authorized to take whatever legal action is necessary to stop your repeated threats and contacts with my client and to secure the removal of your inaccurate blog.  I sincerely hope that you will take heed and quit harassing my client over this job which was completed nearly a year ago.  I am also confident that should you find a lawyer willing to take your case, once he/she sees the photographs of the obstructions removed from your sewer line, his/her idea about the viability of your case will change. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

                                                                                    Very Truly Yours,

                                                                                    John Linkosky, Esquire

cc:        Bob Beall


The content of the lawyer's letter does not contain accurate information in reference to what occurred during the dates of service nor what my intentions were at all.  In fact, if the information that the lawyer provided was received from Mr. Beall, who was never at the location where the work was performed; then, the content is simply heresay relayed to him by employees who were at our house and who also, as I have more recently discovered, have criminal dockets on file with drug and theft-related charges which were discovered by myself in early 2013 after I had been inspired to check the online statements of another victim of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh where she actually states that they are run by felons and it appears that there is truth behind her statement when criminal dockets were found that match other employees.

Other lawyers, who I have spoken with but can't afford to attain, also view the events that I have described, accurately, as evidence of fraud and breach of contract.

Mr. Beall has not initiated this action because the information that I have provided is inaccurate, but rather this action has been taken because the information that I have provided IS accurate and very detailed as mentioned to me by the president of Mr. Rooter Corporation, Mary Kennedy-Thompson.  Mr. Rooter's intention is to prevent me from accessing my First Amendment rights with regards to sharing information about events that I was a direct witness to and that are of public concern considering the fact that this company is in the business of providing services to the public.

I could understand the business' reaction if I was acting in this manner and my information was only heresay (like Mr. Beall's); however, I have seen with my eyes and I have heard with my ears the information that I have provided and have every right to form opinions and conclusions about my first-hand experiences when no other behaviors exhibited by Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Beall, or Mr. Rooter Corporation (Mr. Rooter LLC), and the Dwyer Group have occurred that would warrant any change to any of the opinions and conclusions that I have arrived at.  If anything, their behavior supports and solidifies the stated facts and my opinions.

Since I know for a fact that Rip Off Report never removes reports, that is where I moved my blog to because, rather than showing consumers that the business lives up to their stated values and promises, they would rather bully the consumer into silence and give away prizes and money before they take any initiative to right any wrongs that they are responsible for.  In fact, how they have responded in my Mother's situation and the presence of other online recounts of others confirms the truth behind my statements and the statements made by others about Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and other franchisees.  The Rip Off Reports offer a good account of the facts that have transpired in our situation and our state of mind at the time of posting the complaints.  The only problem with the Rip Off Report Format is that is difficult to follow because the information is in one big pile; however, they have started to provide links to each entry which could make it easier to follow.

The two Rip Off Reports actually contain the most recent accurate information concerning our interactions with Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and Mr. Rooter Corporation.

This was the first report I created after first interactions with Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and the first interactions with Mr. Rooter Corporation:

This was the second report I created after the second interactions with Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and the second interactions with Mr. Rooter Corporation:

For now, I will take a small break from attempting organize, in chronological order, all the information surrounding the reporting of Mr. Rooter's actions because there is SO much information surrounding the interactions that have taken place - a nightmare many consumers wouldn't want to risk.  In hindsight, we surely would have avoided this hassle by never picking up the phone to call them.

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh has been accusing me of making defamatory statements...statements which I have proof of that are true because if a statement is true, then it can not be defamatory statement.  My opinions and conclusions based on facts should not be actionable because I have every right to make a personal judgement on the events I have witnessed.  This was in the form of a general docket lawsuit for defamation filed in November of 2012.  

If a judge can form an opinion and interpret the law, so can I.  If a jury can form an opinion and interpret the law, so can I.  Everyone makes some kind of judgement or arrives at a conclusion about their experiences.  

What is more important is that people are beginning to save thousands of dollars getting second opinions after reading the information that I have compiled because what I and others are reporting is a true and correct interpretation of events and they are recognizing these patterns before there are four and five digit price tags - these situations happen in a disturbingly frequent manner.  In fact, there has been a substantial increase in complaints to the BBB since they filed the lawsuit against me back in November of 2012 when people should be sending these complaints to the Attorney General so that they can look for patterns that violate HICPA and to all local news stations.  Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh is trying desperately to get people to give them good reviews...So much so that the employee, Earl Mahon, who made misrepresentations during our dates of service, was pressuring one of their victims (customers) to give a review of them when they had barely began the sewer line work back in March of 2016, which I have evidence of below.  Joe Taormina was the other employee who failed to mention that his "buddy" was also a Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh employee in his plot of deception back on December 24, 2011.  They used to have their full name and picture represented on the review site. Maybe they just have initials now so that people don't do a court docket search, which I believe everyone should do so you can avoid being hurt in the process on so many levels. 

This review has been deleted, but I still have a copy of it.  This proves that they are pressuring people into filling out reviews; thus, you should question how much truth there is to these positive reviews.  I speculate that any positive reviews are their family or friends OR people who have been lucky enough to have their problem solved and think Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh (and other locations owned by Robert A. Beall and Carol A. Beall) came and performed their job which would have been us because how would we have known what happened until it was obvious they could not perform the simplest of services AFTER they were paid $20,267.65 and destroyed our personal property and our home.  Yes, I know.  I am naive.  I was trying to see the good in people that just wasn't there.  

There is even a review, which has been deleted to hide the truth because this is what they do - they don't actually correct the situation where the reviewer updates there has been a resolution, where a customer describes how they give you the special drain cleaning price and then up-charge you when they come to your house based on them claiming that there was a lot of toilet paper in the drain; however, another plumber was able to clear the line for $63.  Again, proof that they either do not have the knowledge and/or blatantly refuse to provide the services that they advertise.  

How can a business, who has behaved in a documented dishonest and unethical manner, successfully sue for defamation? 

  The HICPA law prohibits individuals with crimes moral turpitude like theft and related charges from being able to prey on consumers; yet, the individuals who came to our home have criminal dockets on file and have had these types of crimes adjucated.  This explains the misrepresentation and failure to take responsibility.  If a business hires individuals with criminal dockets, then they should be held responsible for the actions of their employees; however, they have REFUSED to take responsibility up to this point.  In fact, I was talking to someone who was in the same situation as me:  a daughter whose Mother had $8,000 of damage done to her home by a location owned by Robert A. Beall or the Beall family as he advertises and they have been ignored.  These situations are why businesses are supposed to have insurance.  

Just a few months after filing the defamation suit in November of 2012, they were caught falsely advertising that they won the Angie's List Super Service Award.  As a member of Angie's List, I reported it to them.  They sent me an email confirming that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and Mr. Rooter of Youngstown were not winners and that they had notified Mr. Rooter LLC and Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh that they were not winners and asked them to remove their false publications; yet, as of May 10, 2016 - Their publication of the false award REMAINS for the purpose of attempting to publicly discredit me; however, I have evidence of their defamatory postings and that they are, in fact, supposed to be removed.  As of April 2015, two years after the defamatory statements were made, Angie's List has removed them from the search results due to their failure to remove the brand infringement.  This is an example of FRAUD - Advertising that they are winners of the Angie's List Super Service Award and calling me back and leaving a VOICEMAIL as Rooter Champion spouting off a North Carolina Area code.  

Notice how Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh changed their website to, which is several hours away from Cranberry Township, PA?  I take these actions as trying to jump around in an attempt for consumers not to put together the puzzle pieces. 

On their website, they continue to display the HomeAdvisor Screened and Approved Plumbers Badge on their website after being removed from the screened and approved status after I informed and provided evidence to HomeAdvisor that the business owner, Robert A. Beall, had a criminal docket for showing up to his neighbor's house with a pipe wrench (a tool of the trade) in his hand - even though he did not use the object on his neighbor according to the press release on that.  In fact, as of May 10, 2016, he would still be on probation according to the criminal docket.  HomeAdvisor Screened and Approved status guidelines guarantee that the owner has no criminal record - well, the owner has a criminal record and he sends employees with criminal records into people's homes.  In order to be a member of the network, HomeAdvisor requires state-level trade license verification, criminal & sex offender background check, insurance coverage, verification of state business filings, bankruptcy/judgements/liens records check, and identity verification - in addition to three reviews.  I probably should have sent them court dockets found in favor of parties that were plaintiffs and defendants in civil suits filed.  This is an example of FRAUD. 

Additionally, Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh filed another general docket lawsuit against me in the form of a civil action equity in July of 2015 - even though it was NEVER sent to me and I didn't learn about it until recently (This was filed AFTER I announced publicly how Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh called me back and left a voicemail message I posted to YouTube as Rooter Champion from Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh's business location and phone number when I sent a form to contact Mr. Rooter LLC about Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh running Rooter Champion as a violation of their contract agreement); however, I recently received a Praecipe for reinstating the complaint that is identical to the initial defamation suit in April of 2016 along with their objection of the court's judicial dismissal of the defamation suit that has sat dormant for 3 1/2 years and their notice requesting the court to place the defamation case at issues on the next trial list.

All I have to say is that if a judge and jury neglect to evaluate the hard core evidence of the events that happened at our dates of service and the fact that they have been caught THREE times in attempts to defraud the public with regard to their business activities, then people are right - the system is nothing but corrupt and they are not there to serve the public, but rather there to protect people who feel that they are above the law and use the court to try to punish individuals who are reporting the truth to protect themselves and others.    

In a hypocritical manner, Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh continues to display their created publication which includes defamatory statements surrounding the fact that they are recipients of the Angie's List Super Service Award when, in fact, I have absolute proof that they are not and that they have been asked to comply with Angie's List's request to remove the brand violations where Angie's List has provided them multiple extensions, even though Mr. Rooter Corporation (Mr. Rooter LLC) removed the violations on their social networking sites immediately because they knew what they had done and what the repercussions could be if they ignored Angie's List's request.

In fact, Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh did the same thing with the BBB logo; however, they removed that at the same time they removed the Angie's List logos off of their website after Angie's List contacted them about brand infringement.  The only proof I thought I had of that was that my Mother and I both saw the BBB logo imbedded among other payment icons, unless there are other people who noticed that the BBB logo was on the website and then disappeared; however, communications on Rip Off Report between Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh's media employee, Debra Santavicca who came to speak on Robert A. Beall's behalf, and  resulted in Debra admitting to using the logo, in addition to admitting that they should have never posted the award.....Yet, they accuse me of defaming Bob's character.  Their behavior and post below should make no sense to a logical person.

Yet, as of May 10, 2016....The interaction below still remains online....with pride and ignorance apparently.

Here is a tiny example of their unethical behavior:

The next blog post explains how I came to the conclusion that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh engaged in fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract, and bait and switch/deceptive sales tactics...

Mr. Rooter Plumbing and Owner Robert "Bob" A. Beall is reportedly the owner of the following locations:

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh

Mr. Rooter of Youngstown
Mr. Rooter of Dayton
Mr. Rooter of Weirton

Recently, this website refers to this owner's businesses above: - an umbrella for all of the areas that he has declared to be officially serving; however, I recall them serving Ohio before they had officially bought the area.  

Technically, there have been several different websites they have used to switch things up and get search engines to bury the truth about their unethical business practices which have been reported by myself, other consumers, and even their former employees:  False Advertising; Breach of Contract, Shoddy Workmanship; and Nearly Non-Existent Customer Service.

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