Saturday, July 13, 2013

Can Consumers Trust Any Businesses Today? Rarely...

So, earlier today, I listened to a Radio Show featuring Mary Kennedy Thompson and another franchisee.  It was like listening to one of those infomercial schemes featuring Mr. Rooter and The Dwyer Group.  The statements that Mary Kennedy Thompson made during the broadcast were alarmingly inaccurate with regard to how Mr. Rooter Corporation and at least the franchisee owner in Pittsburgh behaves. 

Why would "Mrs. Rooter's" inaccurate statements shock me as I should be used to them by now.  In January of 2013, Mr. Rooter Corporation made the decision to send defamatory press releases, which infringed upon the Angie's List Brand, to ALL of their franchisees - even though not all of their franchisees were recipients of the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award.  In fact, I would not trust ANY Mr. Rooter Plumbing location who is falsely reporting themselves as Angie's List Award Recipients and, personally, I would mark them as dishonest.  

Ironically, the legally blind franchisee, who is Mr. Rooter's second largest grossing franchisee as mentioned by Mary Kennedy Thompson, is the same franchisee who appears content with the behavior of his business towards my Mother and other consumers in the Pittsburgh area:  fraudulent misrepresentation/deception, breech of contract, shoddy workmanship, etc. in our situation. 

I should have known that businesses stick together no matter how unscrupulous the business' behavior actually is.  Mary Kennedy Thompson talks about how important is to do the right thing, even though Mr. Rooter Corporation's general policy is to do nothing.   Mr. Rooter barely flies straight, let alone above the line....They still have not done the right thing even though we have waved proof of breach of contract in front of them.  

I expected nothing less than my comment on the radio broadcast getting deleted in response to what I believe to be inaccurate content because this radio broadcast was probably created and intended as a paid advertisement or PR stint for Mr. Rooter...stating the facts or opinions are irrelevant, apparently:  Deception AND Dirt Swept Under The Rug kind of behavior in the limelight....

Here is the link to the Radio Broadcast, appropriately titled "Mr. Rooter and Veteran Entrepreneurs Clean Up."  What a curious title, isn't it?  So, Mr. Rooter's motto is to clean up consumers' bank accounts and not deliver the products and services promised - at least that is what my Mother and I have concluded?

Here is the comment that I posted which was in moderation, but was obviously not given the green light.  Since this is my voice, I am giving it the green light.  I guess only if you agree with content this website then you are given the right of passage.  Sort of reminds me of a dictatorship... 

Mr. Rooter Plumbing and Owner Robert "Bob" A. Beall is reportedly the owner of the following locations:

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh

Mr. Rooter of Youngstown
Mr. Rooter of Dayton
Mr. Rooter of Weirton

Recently, this website refers to this owner's businesses above: - an umbrella for all of the areas that he has declared to be officially serving; however, I recall them serving Ohio before they had officially bought the area.  

Technically, there have been several different websites they have used to switch things up and get search engines to bury the truth about their unethical business practices which have been reported by myself, other consumers, and even their former employees:  False Advertising; Breach of Contract, Shoddy Workmanship; and Nearly Non-Existent Customer Service.

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