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Ex-Employees of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh - Insiders Reveal Their Experiences

Personally, I believe that what I have come across online regularly occurs at Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh because I have personally witnessed some of the behaviors mentioned, first-hand.  Proof of their workmanship and their Breach of Contract have been furnished both to them and publicly; yet, they continue to do nothing.  My Mother paid to be a value customer, but she is not and never was a valued customer because the local and corporate Mr. Rooter locations have ignored her requests (and my requests on her behalf) and continue to ignore her requests (and my requests on her behalf)  involving Mr. Rooter choosing to make what they did to my Mother right. 

This is a post from an ex-employee who posted on Rip Off Report just 3 months before we picked up the phone in search of a plumber to address our sewage backup.  Below is what the ex-employee had to say:

#2 UPDATE EX-employee responds

huge rip off artists

AUTHOR: mrfixit1969 - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Thursday, September 29, 2011

although they give up front prices, their prices are double and sometimes triple what they could and should be. also, they send guys to a house with a main drain clog with a machine they know WILL NOT get the clog. why you may ask, because they want you to pay for another guy to camera the line so he can tell you that it is broke and needs dug up and replaced at a price of thousands. any reputable plumber will tell you that over 90% of the drains under ground DO NOT need dug up and replaced. they are no better then the other major rip off GILEECE. their guys are ALL paid ONLY commision, if they dont work they dont get paid. the more you pay the more they make. its all a numbers game, the guys have to get as much out of you as they can because they dont know if they will make anything else or not. call a company that will give you a price over the phone, you will be way better off and will pay so much less.

    as far as the senior, he should have paid no more then $500 to have that work done, including all materials and the faucet.

also, they hire people with ZERO plumbing experience. the law says anyone can work as a plumber as long as they work FOR a master plumber. very few guys at mr rooter actually have a license. the guys that do, hate being there but have very little options, they need to work and need the paycheck. blame the owner and management,most of the guys have dont like the prices either but have no choice.



Also, before the current owner of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh came to the Pittsburgh area from Ohio, he owned B & C plumbing.  A former employee from that company had this to say about working for Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh's owner in Cleveland, Ohio:

6a5179b4, 2009-09-03, 11:56PM CDT

Bob Beall is a total scumbag, I know this because I worked for him at B&C Plumbing in Cleveland, OH. This fat, blind (he is legally blind) dick would do anything possible to squeeze money out of anyone possible; there were weeks I was never paid for and actually had his nasty wife (Carol) laugh at me about it. He doesn't have any credit with any of the supply houses in the area he works in and is forced to deal with a supply house in the Cleveland area based upon his fathers good name (his dad is a good guy, I wonder what went wrong).

The only concern this man has is separating you from your money, not providing a service.

Luckily I found a decent company to work for (the oldest in the area he started in) and don't have to worry about dealing with dirtbags like him anymore.



Additionally, Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh's owner doesn't seem like its the greatest place to work.  I know from first-hand experience dealing with them that it isn't the greatest place to be a customer or the daughter of a customer.  Here is what this employee had to say about what it is like to work there:

I highly recommend doing a court docket search on employees in your area before you enter into contract or allow them to do any work.  I did a court docket search on the employees that I knew worked at the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh location (probably Youngstown too because it is close to their location in Cranberry) and who have contacted me.  The results of that search confirmed, to me, the type of value system the employees that were in our home making misrepresentations, breaching contracts, and not delivering quality workmanship have.  Everyone makes mistakes, but my concern is the repeated offenses and the type of offenses.

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh claims that their employees go through extensive background checks; yet, all they require is a clean driving record and a drug screening:

The bottom line is that I hope that consumers will do their homework before making a decision that you might possibly regret. 

Mr. Rooter Plumbing and Owner Robert "Bob" A. Beall is reportedly the owner of the following locations:

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh

Mr. Rooter of Youngstown
Mr. Rooter of Dayton
Mr. Rooter of Weirton

Recently, this website refers to this owner's businesses above: - an umbrella for all of the areas that he has declared to be officially serving; however, I recall them serving Ohio before they had officially bought the area.  

Technically, there have been several different websites they have used to switch things up and get search engines to bury the truth about their unethical business practices which have been reported by myself, other consumers, and even their former employees:  False Advertising; Breach of Contract, Shoddy Workmanship; and Nearly Non-Existent Customer Service.

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