Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh Social Media Representative Unprofessional and Used Profanity

As a representative of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, the "Social Media Consultant," as she refers to herself, recently deleted what I believe to have been an unprofessional and profane response to a consumer.  Even though Mr. Rooter Corporation delivers their automated and impersonal responses to people who post complaints or negative feedback and in extremely rare cases positive feedback, at least their responses on their social media networking sites are always professional.  Get Mr. Rooter Corporation on the phone, though, and they behave in a completely unprofessional manner.

As you review the exchange between Greg Newton and Debra Fischer-Santavicca, with all of the other possible words to choose out there, she was not capable of replacing the word, "Shitty" with something less profane like "Crappy?"

"It's best to call an expert, not a parrot?"  So, she is publicly referring to Mr. Rooter being "experts" and Gillece as not being experts - engaging in defamatory behavior.  Perhaps, Gillece should include Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh in their lawsuit as a competitor tarnishing their "stellar" reputation...

Personally, I would never call any of the three large companies serving Pittsburgh (Mr. Rooter, Gillece, and Roto-Rooter) based on everything that I have been witness to both directly and indirectly with Mr. Rooter as well as reading and hearing in-person all of the horror stories.  Mr. Rooter, Gillece, and Roto-Rooter all charge way too much with people often finding themselves poorer and still experiencing the same problem with no offer from the companies to make it right.

Mr. Rooter is the SECOND largest....NOT the largest...That is still Roto-Rooter based on my research.

Is Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh capable of telling the truth? Considering that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh still has the defamatory statement on both of their twitter feeds reporting that they are recipients of the Angie's List Super Service Award when I have emails from Angie's List confirming that they NEVER received the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award and there is an active brand infringement case open, that would be a resounding "NO!"

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