Friday, July 26, 2013

Proof of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh's Breach of Contract

I felt that it was fair to write a post showing readers evidence of the Breach of Contract that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and The Dwyer Group have refused to recognize or be willing to resolve.

Below is the invoice, which outlines how far they were supposed to come to the main sewer line:

Due to the fact that is hard to read, even in-person, I will re-state the contents of the invoice:

"replace outside sewer stopping 2' shy of main.  bed oil pipe in gravel.  additional cost 9500.  prior cost 10,000. new job total 19,500.  all cost are cpp discounted.  installing new toilet no charge due to ccp membership.  paying 9500 by check."  

They never replaced the sewer line.  They did not come within 2' or less of the main sewer line as evident by an independent video inspection.  There was gravel, but the oil pipe was not imbedded in it, rather it was inserted into the existing lateral sewer line.  The $5200 price was not cpp discounted, so the statement that they installed a new toilet at no charge due to ccp membership is a blatent lie.   

Since the video file is so large, I took a photo of the video at the 6-foot mark that shows the A-1 Sewer technician arriving at the main sewer line from the "T" in our lateral sewer line that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh stopped at.  

6 feet of terra cotta pipe from the main  MINUS 2 feet from the main where Mr. Rooter was contracted to stop work at EQUALS a 4 foot BREACH OF CONTRACT.    

You know, a breach of contract is serious; yet, Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and The Dwyer Group go against their advertised promises by ignoring my Mother's requests and my requests on my Mother's behalf to make right the very wrong situation they left her in.

Their breached caused approximately $2,000 in personal property loss because, had they went to the point they were supposed to, we would have never experienced that backup.

Here is a video at the time of the breach of contract: (I have one with audio, but you might need to go to the first blog post in may to hear my reaction)


Do you want to do business with a company who won't stand behind their advertised claims?  Do you want to do business with a company who will ignore hard core evidence that they breached their contract and that the municipal authority serviced us after Mr. Rooter demonstrated incompetence, where the employee even told us that they were not capable of solving the issue because their equipment wasn't good enough? ....An issue involving drain cleaning - a service they advertise they can do?  

Should Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Corporation, and The Dwyer Group continue to ignore the unethical business practices that were implemented during my Mother's dates of service, I will be certain to update accordingly.  I will also update in the event Mr. Rooter "reconsiders" implementing ethical business practices.   

To date, my Mother has been waiting 19 months for Mr. Rooter to behave in a honest and ethical manner.  Do you think Mr. Rooter will reconsider her position and behave in a honest and ethical manner with their customer - the one they took advantage of?   

(UPDATE:  It is May 16, 2016.  They have NEVER contacted my Mother.  The only contact they have had with me has been online three times.  They have claimed to be willing to discuss resolution three different times and have refused to respond to the messages sent to them that they asked to be sent.  In November of 2012, they filed a defamation suit against me for $100,000 claiming that the truth and all the evidence that I have provided, in addition to my opinions, are false and defamatory.  They left the defamation suit sit there for 3 1/2 years and have recently filed an objection against administrative dismissal of the dormant case and have paid money for a jury trial.  A civil action equity lawsuit in July of 2015, which I did not find out about until recently, was filed against me - This lawsuit is a joke because I was willing to allow them to bully me to remove the truth and my opinions in exchange for release from the defamation suit back in November of 2012 because I did not have tens of thousands of dollars to obtain a lawyer to present my defense; however, they never responded and, reasonably, one can conclude that they did not accept my offer to post a neutral statement - especially, after they publicly accused me of defaming Bob Beall's character when I posted to help them remove the Angie's List brand infringement they engaged in from their Rooter Media Twitter page - which is still there by the way along with the evidence that I provided confirming that they had no right to post the award, with them publicly claiming they had no right to post the award.  Apparently, I am being required to change my opinion about them; thus, they are suing me for my opinion.  Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh has taken to using the courts to bully consumers and I am their test case - a test to see if businesses can take away the rights of consumers to leave honest feedback about their experiences with businesses online and how much of the 1st Amendment rights can be taken away from citizens of the USA.  I have every right to talk about what I personally experience or witness and to form opinions and conclusions.  Besides, my personal property was destroyed during the backup that should have NEVER happened as well and I never included my losses in the price mentioned above - memories of my late Father destroyed that I can never get back and couldn't possibly attach a number to.  Is the content within this blog negative, yes.  Is the content false?  Absolutely not.  My opinions and conclusions/personal judgements, no matter how negative, are not actionable!)

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