Friday, August 16, 2013

Mr. Rooter Corporation Facebook Alters Conversation Among Consumers On Their Facebook Page To Paint Themselves In A False Light

To me, it is obvious that the people employed at Mr. Rooter Corporation do no appear to understand what ethical business practices are and how to implement them.  They even go against the advice of the social media articles posted on The Dwyer Group's Facebook page.  How a business does or does not respond to their consumers is a sure sign of the quality of the products and services you can expect to receive from them.  No one is on the same page in that organization -  not even a little bit.  Even the moderator for their Facebook page liked a comment, which was promptly deleted.  Only some of the conversation remains which does not provide a true and correct picture of the process that occurred which is not fair toward the consumer that was being targeted.  The actual conversation that took place is below from the latest comments first to the earliest comments last:

Mr. Rooter Plumbing and Owner Robert "Bob" A. Beall is reportedly the owner of the following locations:

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh

Mr. Rooter of Youngstown
Mr. Rooter of Dayton
Mr. Rooter of Weirton

Recently, this website refers to this owner's businesses above: - an umbrella for all of the areas that he has declared to be officially serving; however, I recall them serving Ohio before they had officially bought the area.  

Technically, there have been several different websites they have used to switch things up and get search engines to bury the truth about their unethical business practices which have been reported by myself, other consumers, and even their former employees:  False Advertising; Breach of Contract, Shoddy Workmanship; and Nearly Non-Existent Customer Service.