Sunday, December 22, 2013

Interesting Conversation On The Dwyer Group Facebook Page

What an interesting conversation that occurred on The Dwyer Group's Facebook page that has sadly been deleted by their moderator (in part at the time of this post but most likely full in the near future because that is a typical response to any form of dissent).  It was probably deleted because they don't want anyone to read and learn about one of their deep dark secrets which entails something along the lines that they don't really care about the consumer or in what manner their brand franchisees and their employees are making their money which is ultimately arrives into The Dwyer Group (and its investment company) and their own personal bank accounts.  So, The Dwyer Group couldn't even come up with ONE advantage there is to choosing a franchisee of one of their service brands or describe what peace-of-mind consumers can count on?  That response is revealing.  The conversation below was a civil conversation in response explaining an expressed point of view:  

 **HIGH RISK**    **HIGH RISK**    **HIGH RISK**     **HIGH RISK**     **HIGH RISK**

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