Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Better Business Bureau of Western Pennsylvania - BBB - Deceiving Consumers About Nature Of Complaints Received

*UPDATE 3-9-2015:  The BBB has seemingly redeposited complaints back into their original areas which now contain 4 categories...1) Complaint resolved through BBB Process 2) Complaint resolved with BBB assistance 3) Customer not satisfied with business response; BBB did not find business made good faith effort to resolve complaint 4) BBB found business made good faith effort to resolve complaint but customer not satisfied with business response.  IT IS MY OPINION that this location does not read or comprehend the nature of complaints that come through.  In Mr. Rooter's correspondence, they did not answer or respond to any of the questions posed; yet, the BBB still considered the complaint to fall into the 4th category instead of the 3rd category where our complaint should have been filed.  With regard to Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, anyone in the 4th category got shafted by both the business and the BBB of Western PA.  SUBMIT COMPLAINTS TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL and WTAE INVESTIGATIONS.  A high volume of complaints may lead to investigation*

As of January 13, 2015...The BBB of Western Pennsylvania had the three categories below:

1) BBB found business made good faith effort to resolve complaint but customer not
satisfied with business response complaints.  

This is the category that they place complaints in IF the business responded to the complaint that the BBB forwarded to the business, but no resolution was reached.  The BBB considers a good faith effort to resolve a complaint to include merely JUST responding.  If there was any deductive reasoning applied, then some of the complaints, including ours, would not have been filed under this category to begin with.  If there is no resolution reached in 30 days between the consumer and the business, then this is the category where those complaints get dumped.  Complaints do not get filed here because the business ACTUALLY makes a good faith effort to resolve the complaint - at least not in the case with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh.  

In fact, for the BBB serving Mr. Rooter of Youngstown Ohio...They declared that Robert "Bob" Beall's franchise (same owner of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh) was not making an effort to resolve complaints.  The BBB serving the Youngstown Ohio area would be an example of what the BBB would look like doing their job to build trust between businesses and consumers - This is not the case for the BBB of Western Pennsylvania, though.  

It appears, as of today, that they deleted this category and placed all the UNRESOLVED COMPLAINTS from this category into to the resolved category without actually being resolved.  If both sides are NOT happy, then it is NOT RESOLVED.  PERIOD.  I can tell you for a FACT that Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh has no intention of nor did they ever have any intention of resolving complaints with those individuals whose complaints where dumped into this meaningless category.  My Mother has not been contacted or sent restitution and I guarantee that other consumers who were in the same category would be furious to find out that consumers will think that their complaint was resolved by the business.

Credit should NOT be given to a business when it isn't earned or deserved. 

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh has only resolved 62%-63% of the complaints filed against it.  That is a huge risk, as a consumer, to take on a business like this one.  Only 38 complaints have been resolved - NOT 50!!!!!!!

2) Complaint Resolved With BBB Assistance 

Keep in mind that the BBB doesn't really "assist" consumers.  They are nothing more than a forwarding service - not a place where real solutions happen.  You just get lucky if the owner thinks it sounds bad enough to resolve.  

3) The Business Failed To Resolve The Complaint Issues

This is the category that our complaint (and 11 others) belong to.

The BBB's actions will mislead consumers into thinking that the owner of several locations in the PA, OH, and WV area makes an effort to resolve most of the complaints and that is simply NOT TRUE!

*******ATTENTION*******  Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh has changed their address to the address of Mr. Rooter LLC, their corporate company - even while keeping their rooter2.com email address and Pittsburgh phone numbers...I believe that they did that to hide their entry from consumer searches.  Their entry is:  http://www.bbb.org/pittsburgh/business-reviews/plumbers/mr-rooter-of-pittsburgh-in-waco-tx-12002891/.  Notice it has "in-waco-tx" in the link line?  Consumers being served by Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh will never find the truth.  

*****UPDATE ON ADDRESS CHANGE****  It appears that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh's entry with the BBB now represents their correct address again.

In my opinion, the BBB and Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh have exhibited shady behaviors and should not be trusted.

Attorney General and the FTC are where all complaints against Mr. Rooter locations and other Dwyer Group brands should get filed - These are the entities that, depending on the the number of complaints, will conduct an investigation and have the authority to take legal action against them to protect consumers from their unethical and predatory business practices.  

The same owners own the following locations: