Monday, April 20, 2015

"Mr. Rooter is doing business as Rooter Champion and Scamming Consumers"

Mr. Rooter franchise owner, Bob Beall, wanted to open up another plumbing business location in North Carolina, but he didn't want to pay Mr. Rooter LLC or The Dwyer Group their share of their business model that he is using to run it.  

Even though his contract as a franchise owner with Mr. Rooter LLC clearly indicates that he cannot open a company where there is already a Mr. Rooter location present, he ignored his franchise agreement and opened a plumbing business anyway called Rooter Champion.  I guess Mr. Rooter LLC is totally ok with this.  

Rooter Champion is being run at his Mr. Rooter franchise location in Cranberry, Pennsylvania.  Bob Beall has a partner in the business whose name is on the CC used for expenses and he put the company in is son's name so that he doesn't get caught by Mr. Rooter.  His son is still in school.  The dispatch and CSR part of the business is handled by a cell phone in the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh office.  Only a select few employees are trusted to handle Rooter Champion.  Mr. Rooter Champion dispatch and CSR employees answer the phone with a different greeting than the Mr. Rooter phone and claim no affiliation with Mr. Rooter when speaking to customers. 

There is strong evidence to support that, not only is he running Rooter Champion in North Carolina, he is also running Rooter Champion in Pittsburgh and probably his other locations in Youngstown, Dayton, and Weirton.

One word comes to mind for me:  FRAUD

Apparently FRAUD is completely acceptable to Mr. Rooter LLC.  As you can see over the last three years, I have posted evidence of Bob Beall (and them) engaging in fraud and...nothing!

It appears that everything that Bob Beall touches he ruins because Rooter Champion in North Carolina already has complaints with the BBB.  It is so helpful that the BBB is trying to emulate Angie's List because you can see for yourself the lies being told to people in North Carolina.  

Rooter Champion (Pittsburgh)

Rooter Champion (Charlotte)

Rooter Champion BBB (Charlotte)

So, I decided to take a chance and actually tell Mr. Rooter LLC about how Bob Beall broke their franchising agreement through the corporate website. I was shocked to pretty much immediately get a call back from...ROOTER CHAMPION. Essentially, any leads they get from Mr. Rooter's website, they are taking as leads for Rooter Champion. This confirms what I thought he was doing. He drug Mr. Rooter's name through the mud, so now he is creating a new persona in order to trick the public into thinking he is a different plumbing company with different employees. So, Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Dayton, Weirton, and Charlotte...Look out! She left a message and couldn't even finish what their phone number was....Here is the message that was left immediately after I sent a message through corporate's website...

The same owners own the following locations: