Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mr. Rooter of Youngstown Is Getting Sued By The Ohio Attorney General

Figures that Mr. Rooter of Youngstown is getting sued by the Attorney General in Ohio.  Details can be found at:  The owner of this location is Robert "Bob" A. Beall.  Bob Beall owns multiple locations (Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Dayton, Weirton, Erie, Johnstown), also DBA as Rooter Champion near Mr. Rooter Locations and in North Carolina and possibly Florida, has a criminal record for trespassing on his neighbor's property at 1:30am to assault him, and is absolutely content with breaching contracts and other such activities.

It is not safe for anyone to do business with Mr. Rooter or any Dwyer Group brand.  Do your research and avoid, avoid, avoid!

Also, in order to stop the constant stream of complaints that Mr. Rooter LLC gets on their social media pages about their franchisees, they don't allow anything through that doesn't paint them in a positive light - Like the fact that the Ohio Attorney General is suing them.

The same owners own the following locations: