Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown, and Others Owned by the Same Owner

It is a shame that people continue to be victimized by Mr. Rooter Plumbing locations owned by this specific owner (Robert A. Beall), as well as other owners out there who behave in the same manner as shared with me by other customers and former employees.

It is also equally shameful that customers are treated so badly that Mr. Rooter of Youngstown had to pay to advertise that they saved a cat (through Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh).  Saving the cat was a good deed, of course; however, I do not like the fact that they use situations like this to try to advertise in a way that would encourage people to trust them with their plumbing needs when that is the last thing anyone should be doing.  This is the same location that, back somewhere around October, was in the news on the same station that published a story about a law suit being filed against Mr. Rooter of Youngstown, Joe Kijowski (the manager), and the owner's (Robert A. Beall) corporation I believe by the Attorney General of Ohio.  Since this is one of Mr. Rooter's paid ads, they have deleted my comment reminding people about what the situation really is because they don't want people connecting with people who have evidence to prove that they do not typically behave in the manner that they advertise.  Other people, if they haven't deleted them, have also recalled the AG's law suit that was filed against Mr. Rooter of Youngstown.

People have so much to loose if they choose Mr. Rooter for plumbing.  In fact, the worst time to call them is when you have an emergency.  NEVER call them in an emergency - EVER!  Even current and former employees had a conversation, albeit a very public one, about the lawsuit that was filed against the owner Robert "Bob" Beall's company:

****Update 3-14-2016****Some of those employees must still be employed by them because they seemingly deleted their comments.  I have the original posts and who they were, so....

Nothing like more recent confirmation, from potentially former or current employees, that it is business as usual - a shady and unethical usual.

In other news:  Angie's list has given Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh plenty of time to remove the brand infringement (Something like 3 years - remember Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and Mr. Rooter LLC posted that they received the Angie's List Super Service Award when they did not actually receive it, and then pretty much tried to threaten me for telling people to be cautious about using a company that would lie about receiving awards that they didn't earn); however, the brand infringement remains; thus, the course of action of Angie's List was to remove them from the search results.

Recently, it also speaks volumes that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh's Facebook page published a negative review, which was never resolved, as their cover photo:  It is like they are publicly communicating just how unimportant customer service is to them.  They removed the photograph, but I got no appreciation for pointing out that they were engaging in negative advertising of their own company.  Do you want to do business with a company who behaves that carelessly?  Clearly, that is more likely, than not, happening with the work done in consumer's homes.... The results of Mr. Rooter's carelessness can be seen, quite vividly, at our home and at the homes of others.  We had the same problem as Tammy - Mr. Rooter's breach of contract caused flood damage, which occurred after they had over 20k in hand.  Had the contract not been breached, we would have never realized the full scope of unethical business practices that they engage in.

If you have been wronged by Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh or any location, I would write into your Attorney General with supporting evidence, as well as your local news stations.  It worked to get Gillece on most Pittsburgh area residents' radar of caution- Mr. Rooter requires the same level of caution.

The same owners own the following locations: