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After 4 years, Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh Comments on Boycott Mr. Rooter's Facebook Page...

After a little over four years, I get a comment from the owner's wife and business partner on my Facebook page (

Of course it is nothing related to addressing the obvious evidence of their breach of contract or the property damage caused as a result of the breach of contract captured on video that I have in plain sight on the Facebook page and here at the blog....

The initial effort that she made, however, was to inform me and anyone following about how sad it is that I don't have likes and comments on my Facebook page (That's a shallow statement...I am not entering a popularity contest.  I am just here to provide information that could prevent someone from making one of the biggest mistakes of their lives).  It is actually kind of ironic from her because the business pages of their locations consist of reviews, likes, etc., which are largely made up of their family, their friends, their employees, and the families of their employees and other fellow franchisees and franchisors....

They respond to people on their social media pages who only have good things to say and ignore and block others who go to social media to complain about the issues that they experienced because they have had no response from the Mr. Rooter locations owned by the Beall's under multiple LLC's going the traditional route.  Exactly 4 years later, they are treating consumers the same way - in a heinous manner as per the details of recent complaints on the BBB's website.

Why, after four years, would she emerge to comment?  Clearly, my online activity didn't matter before.  Why now?

I think that the number one reason was just to taunt me because they have more resources to "try" to bury me in order to hide the truth and she just wanted to rub it in; however, the accurate information that I have concerning the behavior and the actions of the employees in their franchise location and the organization as a whole can be easily searched for.  She claims that a social media debate would not be beneficial or "professional;" however, what part of her conscious effort to post to the page in a taunt designed to rub that fact in was professional?  Then, she proceeded to publicly pretend that she was willing to discuss resolution and was anxiously waiting for my message; yet, it has been one week and I have heard nothing - not surprised of course.  Received another message from someone who told me that they wished that they had seen my post 10 hours ago and described the EXACT situation we experienced to "T," but at least he realized before he laid down thousands of dollars what was really going on.  This continues to happen because people are not standing up to them and they need to be held accountable at some point.  Even if not accountable now, at some point down the road on earth or somewhere else....they will be.

Would it be because someone, not associated with "them," did actually report running across my page and saving themselves thousands of dollars?

I hope that it is true....that I really did save the person, who private-messaged me, from being taken advantage of.  If someone were to Google "Mr. Rooter Pittsburgh Complaints," my blog, Facebook page, and other venues pop up within the first, second, and third pages.

Would it be because I created platforms in order to reveal the truth about their unethical business practices (which I have evidence of) and to provide a place to gather and discuss how to handle the same shady situations at Mr. Rooter locations owned by the Bealls and at other locations throughout Mr. Rooter LLC and The Dwyer Group - even though some of those people are, as she stated, Mr. Rooter employees looking for comedy.  The previous statement by Mrs. Beall communicates that they think it is funny to scam consumers, and then sit around and laugh at them  -  obviously this behavior is intentional with no remorse.  Do you want to be the one laughed at WHEN, not IF, the job goes wrong after calling Mr. Rooter or a Dwyer Group brand?

In reality, their employees (past and present) are having side conversations about their employer, the Beall's, on their social media pages.    

Clearly, from the posts above, she is in standard BEALL mode...Talking about the money they took in a rotten business deal between my Mother and them (I hypothesize that there are MANY others) - while I focus more on the unethical business transactions and activity: restitution that they have not and probably will never have the moral turpitude to provide to my Mother (we knew that though, so no loss - this is not a mission with the delusion that they would actually compensate her for damages, which is a further testament to the behavior I speak of).  Speaking of wealth, the "wealth" that they have amassed personally to me, in my opinion, has not been acquired in an honest and ethical manner based on reviews from former customers and employees posted BEFORE, during, and after what happened at our home December 24-December 31 2011 plus two incompetent subsequent (which should have not been necessary) visits after that.

Let's be frank, my Mother believes they didn't deserve a dime of that money due the fact that the recommended work was unnecessary (too lazy to properly snake and/or hydrojet the drain), due to the bait and switch tactics of the December 25th contract (heard by all of my relatives at her sister's house on Christmas day because my Mother always has the phone on speaker phone and phone records debunking their claims of how it happened), and due to the fact that their breach of contract damaged her personal property, my personal property, her concrete shower base, her concrete slab, her yard, and two sections of concrete driveway shared with a neighbor.  How were we supposed to know that Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh was going to behave in a dishonest and unethical manner and largely incompetent manner - along with Mr. Rooter LLC and The Dwyer Group?

Since we moved back to the area, and before we moved back to the area, The Bealls have put their children in their business ads - publicly (and use their names for their business entities, which looks like exploitation to me); yet, because I was discussing a commercial (that they created featuring their daughter) in context of one of the the three different "bait" prices .... I am being accused of "attacking her daughter" whom they willing and publicly published.  Nothing on the post mentions her daughter - only the video with the $76 price as evidence...along with their $95 price at the Home Show...and their $59 billboard on Arch Street in Greensburg sporting a "worry free guarantee" (when, in reality, you should worry).

The way "they" (Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh and Mr. Rooter LLC) have been communicating with me, in the rare moment, has been through subterfuge - trying to create unrelated issues irrelevant to the true core issues and stating their beliefs as facts without evidence to back them up.

Memorabilia belonging to my late father are gone - It is Mr. Rooter's fault.  Mr. Rooter's breach of contract caused that loss.  Mr. Rooter was incapable of providing the plumbing services that they advertise.  $10,000 dollars (ish) were part of a bait and switch scam - changing the amount of sewer line without knowledge or consent and taking advantage of our lack of knowledge at the time.  Even I can recall the look of worry across Earl's face when I showed an overnight understanding of the township's sewer system the day after he changed the contract terms without my Mother's knowledge and tricked me into signing papers that took away my Mother's consumer's rights.

All of the flaws that I have been pointing out for over four years, they could have been trying to correct in order build a better, more ethical business; however, it is the exact same environment.  Fake on the outside as a bait ($59, $76, $95 - pick a price that will convince you to let them into your home), and then once they have the consumer's money.... It isn't about delivering a service, it is about collecting as much money as possible because the 80 employees she claims to have over all of the locations, don't know when they will make money, in the form of commission, to feed their families.

If the resolution offer from Carol Beall is even real, which I highly doubt based on past performance, I personally will not agree to lie or to take down the truth.  Since I won't hide their lies, they are not willing to negotiate with their customer (not me - just one of the victims of their incompetence and bullying) - who was physically present to two out of the three contracts (actually I WAS present in all three contracts and signed the second contract with my Mother at her sister's house).  My gut reaction tells me that if any interaction does go on, then it will be another private bullying session with more victimization and more wasted time by Mr. Rooter.

Why do "I" have to message her anyways?  I am not the customer they screwed over, other than $1,000's of dollars of my personal property being destroyed and being threatened with a defamation suit to try to collect $100,000 more from me as punishment for telling public the truth about how they used me (and my lack of knowledge at the time) to scam my Mother - there is no other appropriate term to use that describes the events (The defamation suit didn't go well or anywhere for Gillece - FYI); however, my Mother, their customer, is the one who was screwed over.  Yet, they can't be bothered to contact their customer?

The only word that I can think of that describes Mr. Rooter is: NIGHTMARE.

The same owners own the following locations:

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