Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mr. Rooter in the Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Dayton, Weirton areas and Rooter Champion locations hide unethical business practices!

I guess the idea of a boycott doesn't sit well with Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh or local President, Robert A. Beall, or local Vice President, Carol Beall, because they will try to invent anything that they possibly can and refuse to change their business practices.  This conclusion is obvious by their actions.

I posted a review to the Youngstown Ohio BBB, due to the fact that they do send Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh employees into the area (an employee was heading to Ohio from our house during dates of service in December 2011), back in June of 2015, which wasn't posted because my Mother was not a customer at that specific location. 

So, today....out of nowhere, I get an email from the BBB serving the Youngstown area because the business replied to my UNPUBLISHED customer review (submitted over 8 months ago) that it is being handled by Mr. Rooter's attorney because my OPINION was something along the lines that the BBB of Ohio handled the complaints differently than the BBB of Western PA. The BBB of Ohio recognized a pattern of undesirable behavior with just a few complaints. There are 80 complaints with the BBB of Western PA and they have done nothing. At one point, the BBB of Western PA had all complaints marked as resolved when they weren't; however, they fixed that. 

I am just curious, though....They started off with a defamation suit suing me for $100,000 in response to me even bringing up the issue and trying to get it resolved the traditional way (the first blog was intended mostly to provide information to the owner who was NOT present in order to help him understand the facts of the situation - never did I imagine that a business owner wouldn't take care of these very serious issues...that the issues were intentional).  The defamation suit, due to the fact that I am indigent and there are no lawyers that take on pro bono defenses, required constant monitoring and recording in order to gather more evidence to back my statements - honestly, it was not hard because they see nothing wrong with their actions and do these things very publicly. They made this easy because within a few short months of filing the defamation suit, they stabbed themselves in the foot because they were caught for lying about winning the Angie's List Super Service Award early 2013, courtesy of me, and have been banned from their search results due to refusing to correct the brand infringement issue as of April 2015 (Even Angie's List gave them 2 years to comply).  Robert Beall and his social media employee basically confirmed, on a Rip Off Report discussion, that they received notice from Angie's List to remove the brand infringement and that they did publish a BBB badge on the website.  They continued to use Angie's List publication of award that they falsified to try to discredit my statements and make them look better - falsely.

A constant stream of complaints, similar to ours, tend to get posted; however, Mr. Rooter LLC no longer allows any real reviews to get by on their social media websites due to the relatively regular amount of negative reviews they get every day and people remaining upset because the franchisee and the franchisor do not address the serious issues described (the disadvantage of choosing a franchise to do business with)- several from the Pittsburgh and Youngstown locations...I suspect more have come since then.  Even Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh removes negative reviews off of the review site that they have been using that takes a review here and a review there and brings it into one location.   

The most alarming activity discovered to date was running across the fact that they are baiting and switching consumers who inquire with Mr. Rooter LLC, and then calling people back as Rooter Champion - That is misrepresentation right there.  I was actually quite shocked to receive the voicemail on my personal phone from a number with a Pittsburgh area code from Rooter Champion calling back about the lead I sent them - even though I sent ROOTER CHAMPION nothing!  Even on the form I submitted to Mr. Rooter LLC's corporate website had my true name, my true address, and my true phone number....Then, I called the number back that they called me on and they answered the phone number as Mr. Rooter.  Caught!  Voicemail is here:

Evidence that Rooter Champion is associated with Robert and Carol Beall and Mr. Rooter has been collected - considering the address of the business is at their personal residence obtained from court documents.  According to the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act of PA, Rooter Champion should be registered with a HICPA # to do business in PA.  On a recent search, Rooter Champion is not listed and has no HICPA #.  

I am aware that they are probably furious that "I" found out that they were doing this; however, is pointing out the facts that potentially endangers the public illegal?  I doubt it.  

They could also be angry, because they have deleted a customer review from their reviews, about me discovering and pointing out that a recent description by a customer provided about the service they received sounded a lot like what the Attorney General and news investigative teams describe bait and switch scams to be.  I hope they have refunded this customer's money because it sounds like he was heading down the same path they lead us down - baited with a lower price and told a different price or, in our case, given a different product all together.  The deleted review that I am speaking about is below:  

I suppose the "anxiety" in the post below is a push to convince customers to write good reviews about them, even if they haven't finished the job, so that they can take me to court and convince a judge to make me take down the truth that I have discovered about them as a DIRECT RESULT of the defamation suit that they filed against me meant to intimidate me and get them out of doing the right thing.  In fact, I have found out some VERY serious unethical business practices that I KNOW they want to bury since then, but they shouldn't be buried.  When they talk resolution, they mean they want me to lie and I will NOT lie.  Can't even trust them to hold up their end of a contract.  They would have gotten away with everything had they dismissed the defamation suit, but they did not; thus, keeping a vigilant eye since then has been necessary.  Lying publicly or privately in writing or orally is libel and slander respectively, which I am not in the habit of doing.  Period.  I just can't believe that their lawyer can submit two lawsuits into a court that are essentially comprised of lies - maybe the first one, but not the second one because it is not like I have hidden any documented statements of fact and my opinion should not be actionable, which is based on facts.  

Then, through a search, I discovered that they filed a Civil Action Equity lawsuit against me, which was never sent to me back in July of 2015 where it claims that they had no legal remedy at law - that they just wanted the judge to make me take down the truth and order me basically not to tell on them....The entities suing have changed since the defamation suit....

Um, ok....

So, I wonder what this lawsuit that they are working will be....

This could be you if you call Mr. Rooter (probably this risk is in more than just Western Pa, Ohio, WV, and possibly NC) - a victim with your property destroyed and memories of your father gone that you can never get back - a business who took advantage of my lack of knowledge and experience at the time which resulted in my signing papers that I didn't understand and that my Mother did not even know about that signed her rights away under the FTC with the terms of the contract changed from what my Mother gave permission to enter into contract for over the phone - proven by phone records and potential roomful of witnesses. 

Never did I realize the scope of how truly void of ethical business practices these people would be. 

They will never stop their tactics - obviously. 

The Vice President, Carol Beall, came to my page,,  (after more than 4 years)....made fun of my efforts to inform others of the truth about what it is like to do business with them....proceeded to inform me that they think the behavior that I have been describing is funny- more specifically "comedy"...told me to send her a message....ignored the messages sent to her by myself and my mother....hired a lawyer..again? 

There is no consistency in relation to their words or actions over the last 4+ years, which they have fortunately provided in writing...

The people that I have told are following the issue and some new people know the situation and have taken down the name to remember not to call them in the future. 

Like I have said to people whom I've told, who wants to do business with someone who sues their victims - party to the contract or not....I was still a victim and have been and continue to be double-victimized by them - my property (along with my Mother's) and memories of my Father were destroyed due to the breach of a contract (the third one specifically) that should have never even existed in the first place, in addition to using me to sign my mother's rights away and change the terms of the contract without her presence, knowledge, or consent - repulsive behavior....

Sending people with criminal docket histories of theft, harassment, assault to our house - not so cool either. What if I had kids? I would be more upset than I am to have been exposed to (someone - I meant to say - who exhibits...) this type of behavior and, technically, was probably in grave personal danger....Think about it, I probably AM in danger...They have criminal dockets and motive, but ( so far) have been abusing the legal process to achieve their goal of silencing me from telling the truth about their behavior towards consumers.  

Even though they are the reason (meaning it is their fault) that I have been monitoring their activity due to their open defamation suit, an additional suit never received, and probably another one in the works....they are mad because they have been caught, pretty much redhanded, engaging in unethical business behavior; thus, their response was to "block me" from viewing their webpage so I can't keep proving to the public that they continue to do business as usual and do not care about the false advertising that they display for potential consumers (the HomeAdvisor Badge should really just come down). 

 Really, being blacklisted is no loss to me because I have a little over four years of business as usual documented, but it should alarm you as a consumer. It should show you that they are determined to keep everything business as usual...sweep people they take advantage of under the rug...No Remorse....Not Sorry that they destroyed priceless memories of my late father or ruined mine and my Mother's property, etc....Nothing.  Remember, they think this is comical - funny - a joke.  This sends me the message to tell others that if they have an issue during service, which they probably will - more often than not, then that this is how they will probably respond towards you even though mistakes will be made by them intentionally and they would be at fault - the reason you suffered with the same problem or property damage, etc.

I am of the strong opinion (yes, I have a lot of strong opinions on this particular issue) that my Mother would NEVER be able to count on the "lifetime warranty" that she has with them - The Advantage Plan was a scam because they haven't held the terms of that up.  This is especially true because now she would have no way to contact them because they just blocked internet access and they hang up on you when you call - it is not like they have been responsive or anything about the property damage anyway.  They may be mad at me, but what a way to treat your "valued customer"....The one they took $20k+ from and didn't provide the contracted services to.  In pictures alone, which have been provided to them - in addition to being probably searchable in Google images, not even an offer to fix the concrete slab in 4+ years or reimburse for the flood we had on video AFTER they swore that the whole sewer line replacement was complete and thousands of dollars worth of personal property gone - with an independent video inspection measuring the breach of contract....

I even got a lecture from someone related to an employee about the owners being "good people" and named some worthwhile deeds, admittedly; however, the things they do for people with money and how they got the money are two different things entirely.  Good people do not intentionally engage in the above-mentioned behavior, tell you on three different occasions that they are willing to talk to you - message them - you wait - get no response (should had one immediately if she was "anxiously awaiting" my message as she claimed).  

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