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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh's Manager (Either Present or Former) Insists, Without Any Investigation, That They Did No Wrong....This Is A Good Example of Refusing To Take Responsibility.....

 The conversation above took place on June 1, 2016.  This is the FIRST conversation that I have ever had with the former manager of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh / Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh since I've presented the serious issues to them that occurred from December 24 through December 30, 2011 and up through January 23, 2012.  

There was ONE, short conversation that took place between Brian and my Mother around January of 2012 where she asked him to speak with me because she did not have the 1st hand knowledge of most of the events surrounding the dates of service due to the fact that I was the one present throughout the entire process and "I" was the one who the Mr. Rooter employees came to - not my Mother!

The only time that the Mr. Rooter employees contacted my Mother was to collect money - December 24, 2011, December 25, 2011, December 27, 2011, and January 23, 2012.  If it was not for me reporting to her at the end of every work day, then she would have had no idea what they were doing to her property due to inaccessibility as a result of disability.  

The reason I believe Brian is dangerous is because his response communicates to me that he does not take issues regarding dishonesty and unethical business practices seriously:  breach of contract, damage to the home and personal property damage due to breach of contract, and allowing employees that he is supervising to engage in fraudulent misrepresentation (you don't tell someone that you are replacing their whole sewer line and then change the contract to include only a small portion of the sewer line without their presence, knowledge, or consent - as an example...offering a free toilet and then charging for the "free toilet" is also fraud - as another example).

Brian's title at Mr. Rooter was "Excavation Manager"; thus, it would be reasonable to conclude that completing the job according to contract or correcting mistakes made by his "excavation team" was not important to him.  Nothing about his response addresses any issues that were brought up with supporting evidence.

He was also employed at the same time Mr. Rooter posted that they won the Angie's List Super Service Award in 2012, even though THEY DID NOT WIN, Mr. Rooter publicly confirmed to me that they DID NOT WIN, but kept the lie up anyway still pretended that I was lying when they clearly knew that I was not lying...False advertising in an attempt to defraud consumers by a business is, seemingly, acceptable behavior to Brian? So, I wonder if Brian was still around in 2014 when they began stealing leads from Mr. Rooter and calling people back as Rooter Champion?  

Brian:  "Your mothers sewer line was bad"

My Expanded Response: 

First, let me start off by saying that Brian was NEVER at the property at ANY time before, during, or after work was performed at my Mother's home.  Mr. Rooter did, however, publicly state that Brian received his Master Plumber's License in 2006 without mentioning the license number or whether it was still active.  

Master Plumber or not, there is no way Brian should be able to make a determination sitting in an office located 1 1/2 hours away from the house.  The information Brian received was hearsay only by employees with criminal dockets of theft and other charges and who just showed up with no scheduled appointment on December 25, 2011, with only one employee identified as a Mr. Rooter employee until I showed up at the house from my Aunt's and saw two Mr. Rooter trucks.  So, why did Joe forget to mention his "buddy" was another Mr. Rooter employee? 

I have the independent video inspection to prove the condition of our sewer line and that the excavation job was breached.  In fact, if I pay $300 for another video inspection, I may actually be able to discredit Mr. Rooter's first video taken AFTER they began work because I do not believe that there was 21 feet of pipe from the house trap to the clean-out installed in the basement.  I was correct about my belief that they stopped work 6 to 8 feet from the main sewer line, so perhaps I will be right about this as well....

I have photographs to prove what was destroyed and not restored during the excavation job.

I have photographs that prove the shoddy workmanship of the excavation job that they refused to repair when it was defective on its face.

In fact, without an independent video inspection performed before and after work began (Mr. Rooter's video should not count because work had been started when the video was supposedly recorded, which could easily accommodate playing a video and adding on more video to make it look like our property - a former employee recalls consumers being showed a dummy video of a bad sewer line when there was nothing wrong with their sewer line), there can be no proof of whether the work performed was necessary to the point Mr. Rooter stopped unless excavation is done and the insert is pulled out; however, that would cost more money and Mr. Rooter certainly wouldn't be performing that work.    

I know for a fact that the last 6 feet of the sewer line is in good condition as is the 40 foot section of 6" terra cotta sewer pipe lined with an insert located between the house trap and the clean-out in the yard that reads as a sewer line replacement on the contract, but it wasn't a sewer line replacement (shady? yes!).

Actually, there is no proof that our sewer line was anything other than blocked in two to three different places with solidified grease, which can be broken down and flushed through the sewer line according to another reputable drain cleaning company and other contractors I've talked to about the issue.

The only video that I have as a result of nagging Mr. Rooter for a copy of it after they were given a blank DVD by myself to do so is the one that they claim to be proof of the condition calling for a replacement of our entire so-called "bad sewer line" - the sewer that they never inspected prior to stating that a full sewer line replacement was necessary.  This video does not show the condition of the sewer line before they dug a pointless relief pit and broke the cap to the housetrap.  

Since Brian was the manager at the time and the one who, supposedly, is a Master plumber and the one who was likely responsible for the Apprentice and Journeyman plumbers under him, then he must have trained and/or authorized Earl Mahon (the employee with a criminal docket history of theft and other charges on file) to engage in fraudulent misrepresentation:  the entire sewer line was to be replaced for $10, 000 - my Mother wasn't at the property, but rather she was sitting in a room full of people at her sister's house with Earl on speakerphone where one of them remembers that the entire lateral sewer line was to be done at an orally agreed upon price of $10, 000 and there was no mention of extra paperwork other than a typical, binding contract.  

THE THIRD CONTRACT IS FRAUDULENT.  Period.  $9, 500 contract should have never existed - even though it was breached anyway.  The breach caused thousands of dollars in damage to our personal property and the house.  Had the employees gone to the point of the sewer line stated on the contract, then guess who would not have discovered the truth about what went on at our home and what goes on the homes of everyone who calls Mr. Rooter or any other Dwyer Group brand.

 In fact, I can't even be sure that those videos that I was shown (because my Mother, their customer, never saw the videos) were our sewer line.  Former employees have confirmed that videos of bad sewer lines are shown to consumers that weren't taken at their homes.  In fact, even more recently, consumers have come to report how Mr. Rooter employees have told them that their sewer line was bad and needed replaced after performing their so-called video inspection; yet, another video inspection by another company reveals that there are no problems whatsoever with the sewer line other than blockages successfully cleared by using a snake or a hydrojetting process.  

Brian:  "she knew the price before we started"

My Expanded Response: 

1st Contract (Joseph Taormina - actor,  not plumber):  My Mother and I both knew the price before they started.  My complaint about the first contract is that no one should pay Mr. Rooter's full price to have a used, filthy, stack with the wrong clean-out cap installed when nothing on the contract indicates that the items for sale are used; no one should pay Mr. Rooter's full price to have a so-called "professional" spend less than 3 minutes pretending to clear the sewer line with the snake/drain routing machine; no one should buy Mr. Rooter's Advantage Plan that claims to provide preferential treatment and discounted pricing because they do not end up actually receiving the benefits to which they were entitled to.   Joseph Taormina told my Mother and I that he had a "buddy" with a video camera that he could call to see what the problem was.  At no time did he mention that his "buddy" was a Mr. Rooter employee, too.  Conveniently, though, Joe did mention to us that he would deny it if we ever told anyone he said that to us....I'm not surprised because I am relatively certain that I have a copy of his criminal docket of containing a guilty plea of theft as well....Figures....

2nd Contract (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  My Mother and I both knew the price for our lateral sewer line replacement, which was supposed to be replaced running from the basement to the township's main sewer line:  $10,000.  It didn't. 

3rd Contract (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  The entire contract is fraudulent, except for that this contract should have been created for the price of a toilet and its associated installation cost.

Brian:  "She signed all the proper paper work"

My Expanded Response: 

1st Contract (Joseph Taormina - actor, not plumber):  According to the PA HICPA law, the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh contract did not contain the PA HICPA number as required by law.  Any missing requirements of the PA HICPA law may result in the contract being unenforceable.  During this contractual period, my Mother was present and was never presented with emergency forms.  This explains why, since she was never told about their existence and she had never seen or signed any of these forms in her life, she did not expect that during contract #2 that forms that would sign her rights away actually existed.  The 1st Contract was considered an emergency; yet, no forms were presented or explained.  

2nd Contract (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  According to the PA HICPA law, the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh contract did not contain the PA HICPA number as required by law.  Any missing requirements of the PA HICPA law may result in the contract being unenforceable.  During this contractual period, my Mother was 1) NOT present 2) was never told she would need to sign forms waiving her rights under the FTC 3) was told she needed a brand new sewer line where she and I both confirmed that it was to go from the basement to the main before giving verbal authorization to enter into contract; yet, Earl changed the contract and told me signing the forms was so they don't leave my Mother's job (when I told my neighbor about Mr. Rooter, she said the same thing happened to her; however, a former employee told her about the scam and a lawyer came to her house that evening and was able to get her out of the contract, but not without thousands of dollars worth of damage).  How was I supposed to know, at the time of signing the contract, that the main sewer line was not located outside of the basement door.  That evening though, I learned that Earl had lied because I found a review from an X-employee who said that they lie on purpose to charge for a big job, in addition to learning how the main sewer lines were set up in our plan....They were NOT located outside the basement door.  I was secretly hoping inside that the x-employee was wrong, that they would just do their job according to contract, and then be gone without causing harm....That did not happen at all.

3rd Contract (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  Should have never existed in the first place, except for the installation of the toilet - a requested add-on.  According to the PA HICPA law, the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh contract did not contain the PA HICPA number as required by law.  Any missing requirements of the PA HICPA law may result in the contract being unenforceable.  During this contractual period, my Mother was present and felt forced to continue for warranty purposes; yet, there really is no warranty when choosing Mr. Rooter.  Come on, even though Mr. Rooter saw photos, public photos, of the concrete work they were supposed to restore with BEFORE and AFTER photos - nothing.....Didn't offer to do it themselves or for us to get a quote and money to fix it ourselves because they were too busy pulling the wool over someone else's eyes - moving from victim to victim.  

4th Attempted Contract January 23, 2012 (hours prior to the municipal authority arriving and competently hydrojetting grease from the sewer line) (Earl Mahon - actor, not plumber):  Without any feedback from the letter I sent, Earl showed up out of the blue.  Not to apologize for the continued sewage backup after paying them $20,265.67 and them failing to clear the grease from the sewer line twice after work was claimed to be completed....BUT TO SELL AN UNNECESSARY BACKFLOW PREVENTER for $5,000 WITH NO VIDEO INSPECTION to check the work that was done and to assess the problem - Earl....still lying to make money = a scam.  

Brian:  "You are just having buyers remorse"

My Expanded Response: 

My Mother agreed to the price of the first contract on December 24, 2011.  When I told Joseph Taormina what the MASTER PLUMBER told me that needed to be done if it backed up again, Joe wrote that down in the contract and performed the work - except for actually running the snake/drain routing machine (3 minutes pretending to try does not count).  In fact, the first contract was written how the other two contracts should have been written.  Looks like the jobs came from the price book because they had a description, the warranty time written, etc.  It was only that detailed because I asked for it to be.  The Advantage Plan on the first contract was a ~$200 scam, technically, because there is no evidence that my Mother received advantage plan pricing outside of the first contract.  

We agreed to the price of $10,000 for brand new PVC pipe to be run under the basement all the way to the main sewer line, but that is not what we got.  
The only buyers remorse we have is not the money we lost specifically, but that it was lost as victims of false advertising, fraudulent misrepresentation, and damage to the house and personal property.

We mistakenly thought that we had Master Plumbers at our home (You have to be a Master Plumber to do work in NY where were were living for about 12 years prior to returning back to our hometown of Greensburg) because Mr. Rooter appeared to be a large franchised company and we thought that we would be safe from scams and harm; however, we were scammed and harmed by the employees and the owners of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh / Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh.

We are not the only victims of Mr. Rooter either - sadly.  I believe that all customers of Mr. Rooter are being scammed - some know before they sign the contract, some find out during the contract, and some find out for sure after the fact....Unfortunately, some people never find out they were scammed at all.  

Ultimate Buyers Remorse:  Memories of my late father that we can never get back all because a business cannot be bothered to do the work that they were contracted to do or correct mistakes that were clearly their fault.  

Brian:  "Please drop it"

My Expanded Response: 

My actions aren't because I expect Mr. Rooter or the employees involved with the bait and switch/fraudulent misrepresentation to do the right thing for my Mother.  My actions are because more people than just my Mother have become their victims and will become their victims...  

Evidence of false advertising, misrepresentation, breach of contract, property damage, refusing to make it right, and filing defamation suits against consumers for telling the truth tend to alienate current and potential consumers.  I also warn people about employees who support these unethical and deceptive business practices and who are not interested in taking responsibility.  According to the job description, Brian (Master Plumber) should have been on the job at some point in order to....wait for it...."manage it".....especially when there were problems!   

Robert "Bob"A. Beall, his business partners, and his employees (who have behaved and continue to behave in a dishonest and unethical manner) have made "dropping it" impossible:
1st)  they have filed a defamation suit against me for making truthful and accurate statements and for making statements that represent my opinions and conclusions, which I am legally entitled to have and legally entitled to share.  I have evidence to back up the factual content of my statements, which I believe explain why I have arrived at the opinions and conclusions that I have.  

2nd) they continue to behave in a dishonest and unethical manner and, at the same time, think that the dishonest and unethical behaviors I (and other consumers) describe are referred to as "comedy" -  this makes them even more dangerous to the public than I had originally thought. 

3rd) there are other victims of the dishonest and unethical business practices out there that Brian was apparently a part of with no remorse.  At least someone in my city was able to get a judgement in their favor in the following case (I wonder how similar their case is to ours?  Many people are reporting similar or worse serious dishonest and unethical issues - even today):  

William D. McDanel & Jennifer L. Romagnoli
Mr. Rooter Plumbing Of Pittsburgh, Brian Tomlinson, Mark Loughran

Should these SLAPP suits against me go to trial because, apparently, that is what Robert "Bob" A. Beall, his business partners, his employees, and his lawyer want - to violate my 1st Amendment rights... Everyone involved will receive a subpoena - including the "Excavation Manager."

First of all, in taking steps to "dropping it," I asked for the cost of the third contract, $9, 500, to be refunded because it was created fraudulently.  I thought that would be a quick and fast way to hold Mr. Rooter accountable for fraud, at the minimum, and use the money to repair what they have destroyed.  Considering how void of integrity other victims before me have mentioned this owner and their employees are, I am not surprised that they have refused and continue to refuse to take responsibility for the proof of damages in the form of before and after photographs and videos.

As the heinous dishonest and unethical behavior continued, it seemed only right that Mr. Rooter should be required to refund all of the fraudulent transactions and the damage caused as a result of the excavation and the backup after the so-called "professionals" said our sewer line was safe to use WITHOUT even thinking about running a camera down the sewer line the FIRST time it backed up AFTER they had $20,267.65 in-hand because it was NEVER supposed to backup after they were done, let alone TWICE....Mr. Rooter advertises that they promise to fix plumbing issues right the first time.  Oh, wait....That didn't happen because Mr. Rooter lies in their advertising, which I have multiple concrete examples of.

As far as "dropping it,"  I offered to drop spreading the truth in exchange for release from the defamation suit back in November 2012 because I didn't have the money for legal representation.  I made the offer in an email through John Linkosky because I knew that no one within this organization from the franchisee to the investing company had the moral or ethical capacity to actually arrive at a fair and just resolution towards my Mother and didn't care that memories of my Father and my personal property were destroyed due to the inability of Mr. Rooter to provide their advertised products and services according to contract.  

They declined my offer to remove postings and stop, which I did in good faith; yet, in July of 2015, they filed another defamation suit with an outcome of civil equity claiming to just want the postings to come down and for the court for stop me from telling the truth and protecting the public....You know, I offered that back in November of 2012, but they ignored my offer....I hope a judge will be able to see the games they are playing with court time and resources and, if there is real justice, then they would be fined.  


Well, apparently, I misunderstood "please just drop it" where Brian actually meant for me to stop messaging him.  He could have been more direct about that in his earlier post.  So, I was giving him the respect to inform him of my post, just like Bob Beall; yet, they both don't want to know about what I post about them prior to me posting publicly about them.  Well, ok then....See what I mean about responsibility?  They take none and listen to nothing.  

Brian appears to be someone working in the plumbing service industry who doesn't care about people and ignores evidence....Do you want to be treated like that by an employee of a business you are getting service from when he was the manager and point of contact?  

So, basically, Brian told me today what he would have told me then and he wouldn't have listened to anything - evidence or not - which would have been a waste of time.  His behavior is just like them....It makes sense for the owner to make "like-minded" employees managers.  

Did you know that Brian is featured in our local Mr. Rooter commercials?  The link below is Brian advertising the $95 drain cleaning special.  Or is it the $76 drain cleaning special that has recently been advertised?  Or is it the $59 drain cleaning special that has been advertised in the most recent past?  Or is it, really, whatever price it takes to get an employee in a home to keep consumers paying for products and services they know will prolong the issue in order to bankrupt homeowners?

In the past, Brian has worked for Mr. Rooter at the locations owned by Robert "Bob" A. Beall:  Cranberry/Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and perhaps Dayton.  I am not sure about his involvement with the Weirton, WV location.  From there, he reported working for Roto-Rooter, and, more recently, for Matt Mertz Plumbing.  

I can only hope that Brian is not pulling the same shell game as he was responsible for managing at Mr. Rooter at Matt Mertz Plumbing because he doesn't seem to see anything wrong with fraudulent business practices or breaching contracts or anything like that based on his response...

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