Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mr. Rooter Plumbing / Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh False Advertising

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh commercial - the source of the “advertising” below:

-In this commercial, which takes place at the personal residence of owners Bob and Carol Beall, their business manager, Don Ball, pretends to be a customer greeting a Mr. Rooter employee.  Personally, I don’t find the scenario in the video to be an honest representation to consumers.  In fact, the Mr. Rooter employee may actually be representing how much they truly investigate your plumbing issues before  they tell you it needs replaced - even if plumbing doesn’t need replaced….The employee in the video barely touched the plumbing in an investigative manner:  opened up some cabinet doors, took a lid off the toilet, and ran some water….

IT WOULD BE WISE TO GET ANOTHER OPINION FROM A REAL PLUMBER!   Many times, that second opinion from a reputable plumber saves someone from making a costly and, sometimes, unsafe choice.  

Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh I Cranberry Township PA Advertising Video:

“Welcome to an active job site of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pittsburgh!”

-Well, considering this is actually the home of the owner of Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh, Bob Beall - with the house number of “208” shown in the video, in addition to photos of the house compliments of Google Maps…An active job site - I guess he could potentially have his employees do work at his home.  I believe that, in general, the statements depicted in this advertisement are not true and was produced for advertising purposes only; thus, I don’t feel that this ad even starts out advertising honesty….  Maybe a 1/2 truth, but not 100% honesty; thus, this is technically a dishonest advertisement.  

“Our focus on providing quality plumbing service and products combined with honesty (not that I, and others, have evidence of) has made our plumbers the first choice (by what standard is this statement being made?) of many residential and commercial clients worldwide.”

 - Well, at .27 seconds into the video, who is at the threshold of house number “208?”  Not the owners of the home, local president Bob Beall and the local vice president Carol Beall, but rather the Mr. Rooter of Pittsburgh business manager (that was his title last time I checked the website), Don Ball.  In a previous commercial in their home, it was Carol Beall and the employee, Earl Mahon, who told my Mom one price and switched the contract without her knowledge or consent or mine as the one signing the contract, which can be found at:  Unless Don moved in or is renting the home - his role appears to be pretending to be a homeowner in his employer’s house.  Certainly, if they delivered quality products and services and were honest with their customers….surely, they would would have been able to find a real client’s home to use:  not a relation, not  friend, not an employee, not any relations or friends of employees…..Real people who have no clue who they are kind of representation - you know, authentic.  

Mr. Rooter of Youngstown (EXACT SAME ADVERTISING VIDEO AS MR. ROOTER OF YOUNGSTOWN OHIO; Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that employees from Pittsburgh and Youngstown can service either location…..I strongly agree that the way this owner conducts business is a risk to residents of both states/service areas):

-Not only are they highlighting Pittsburgh and not Youngstown in an advertisement meant for Youngstown, don’t forget that there is a lawsuit against Bob Beall’s Mr. Rooter of Youngstown location filed by the Attorney General of Ohio in the Mahoning County Court.  The interesting thing is that Bob Beall’s seemingly longtime attorney, John Linkosky, has joined his defense in the Mahoning County Court….It really feels as though they are devising a plan on how to get him out of taking responsibility for behaviors that even the AG of Ohio believes are shady, although he more specifically referred to the behavior as misrepresentation.  I really hope there will be real justice in this case for the victims in Ohio who filed claims with the Ohio Attorney General….As Pennsylvanians, we had an Attorney General who didn’t do her job and was corrupt - The people I talk to tell me that PA is a corrupt state; therefore, no one living here may ever see justice….